Samuele Bersani - 03.11 until Saschall

Article Date: 02/11/2006

Samuele Bersani - 03.11 until Saschall

Location: Teatro Obihall

Samuele Bersani was born in Rimini the 1 October 1970. He began his artistic career in 1991 within the tour "Change" by Lucio Dalla with the song "The monster" that is inserted in the album live "Amen". In the same year he was invited to the Tenco Award for presenting the song "The Monster", made quite exceptional given that the time had not yet published any disc.
In 1992 she released their first album c'hanno preso tutto from which is extracted the single "Chicco and Pin", which becomes a hit on the radio and for the public. In 1994 writes for Fiorella Mannoia the lyrics to "Crazy Boy" on the album "Real People."
In 1995 he released his second album: FREAK entitled and immediately wins the consent of all: more than 130,000 copies sold, 56 consecutive weeks in the Top 100 FIMI / Nielsen.
They are extracted from the same album 3 highly popular songs: "Freak", "Spaccacuore" and "What do you want from me" (in Italian reworking of a song Waterboys).
In 1996 he wrote along with From the lyrics to "Song", perhaps the most popular piece of that year will square topped the radio charts for over four months and brings the album "Songs" by Lucio Dalla at over one million copies sold. In the summer of 1997 the single "Crocodiles" becomes a hit, and opens the way to the third album which is titled simply Samuele Bersani. A title of all: "Last Judgment," which won the Lunezia Prize 1998 for best literary text written between '97 and '98; the prize, it is granted by a jury composed of the most important music critics and chaired by Wing Violence.
In October 1998, Samuele Bersani recorded the song "We are cats" that becomes part of the soundtrack of the animated Christmas movie "The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly," based on the book by Luis Sepulveda. In the same period he also wrote the "Island" text for Ornella Vanoni, the song with music by R. Sakamoto who becomes the single release of the album "Live Now" singer.
2000 Samuel brings to participate for the first time in the Sanremo Festival: "Replay" is the song presented in the category of "champions", marks his return to the music scene after three years of silence and offers a preview of his new the album HOROSCOPE SPECIAL, released April 27, 2000 and get immediate approval by all the experts. At the Sanremo Festival "Replay" won the critics' award and ranks in 5th place in the final standings.
In September 2000, Samuel began to compose the soundtrack of Christmas films of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo entitled "Ask me if I'm happy." In addition to new pieces specially written for the film, including many from the album are songs drawn HOROSCOPE SPECIAL.
October 2000 brings even Samuel in Sanremo but this time to receive one of the most coveted awards of song: the Targa Tenco. The album HOROSCOPE SPECIAL is recognized by a jury of specialized journalists, the best album of 2000.
In September 2002 released THAT LIFE !, 'best of' with three unpublished, followed by a theatrical tour. Shortly after it is published "In proportion", the song written for "Poison" by Mina. Then in 2003, her CANDY SMOG, new solo disc.
Samuel reappeared on the scene in 2006 with "The Scrutineer not voting", song released in digital format on the eve of parliamentary elections. Two months, in late May, comes the near side ', new study hard.


C'hanno preso tutto - 1992 Pressing / BMG
FREAK - 1995 Pressing / BMG
Samuele Bersani - 1997 Pressing / BMG
THAT LIFE! - 2002 Pressing / BMG
CANDY SMOG - 2003 Pressing / BMG
The near side '- 2006, Pressing / BMG


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