The STADIUM - 26/04 Theatre Saschall

Article Date: 26/04/2007

The STADIUM - 26/04 Theatre Saschall

Location: Teatro Obihall

The stadium is an Italian band that formed in 1979. The original members were: Giovanni Pezzoli, drums, Marco Nanni, bass, Ricky Portera, guitar, Fabio Liberators, keyboards, Gaetano Curreri, vocals and keyboards.

They debuted in 1979 as an accompaniment to the Banana Republic tour of Lucio Dalla and Francesco De Gregori. In 1980 he leaves their first song Big motherfucker and their debut album, Stadium, which also contains the energetic Who I Told. 1983 sees the release of one of the songs that will indelibly mark their careers: Soap And Water, for the eponymous film by Carlo Verdone. In 1984 at the Sanremo Festival with At the stadium. The following year he released one of their biggest hits Ask who were the Beatles. In 1986 in Sanremo we are singing songs on the radio. The following is included in the album of the same name Cinema Monday, the opening theme of the evening dedicated to the great films offered by Rai Uno.
Ricky Portera out from the group and in 1987 the keyboardist Beppe D'Onghia began working. Participating in DallaMorandi project. Meanwhile Marco Nanni and Beppe D'Onghia leave the group, remain Gaetano Curreri and John Pezzoli as original members. Comes their first collection, Songs At Stadium, which contains two new songs. Comes the latest album for BMG, titled You Trust Me (later reissued by EMI, with which the Stadio signed a new contract). And a volume of 2 Songs At Stadium edited by BMG and not by the band.
In 1991 Generating phenomena initials of Raidue telefilm The Boys of the wall and just after the album We All Elephants Invented. Follow Albums We establish a contact with the novel StadioMobileLive A Desperate Need Love (also published in the remix version of the discotheques on equipment base of U Got 2 Let The Music of Chapel) and Di Volpi, Di Di Vices and Virtues ( including Dancing In the Dark, one of their biggest hits) and Give Me 5 Minutes.
After a break of a couple of years, they will return in 1999 with the collection Ballads Between Heaven and The Sea. They will participate in the Sanremo Festival with the song Backpack, though not proving a rich critical acclaim. Rifaranno with the approval of the public.
In 2002, an album that comes from a new impetus to the band's career, after the previous disc pause for reflection, collection of ballads. It comes out Eyes In Your Eyes, it anticipated the intense single Surprise me.
Curreri, a close friend of Vasco Rossi (much of Good or bad, album of Vasco Rossi, is written to six own hands by Vasco, Curreri and Saverio Grandi) remains, during a stop on the tour in 2003, the victim of a stroke. Fortunately for him, an attending physician in the audience will save his life.
With the release in 2005 of the album The fickle love, Stadium are back with an album that seems to follow different trajectories from Pop-Rock author of the group's origin. At the origin of this different path Figure Saverio Grandi author and producer of the album. In 2007 he wrote, "and I get up on the pedals" for the production Rai "Marco Pantani", contained in the new CD "Words in the wind" coming out soon after participation in Sanremo with the song "Look" The album seems to confirm the path taken with the album Love Fickle distancing from songwriting vein that had characterized previous albums

current lineup
- Gaetano Curreri (Bertinoro June 26, 1952) - vocals and keyboards
- Andrea Fornili (Reggio Emilia January 14, 1961) - Guitar
- Roberto Drovandi (Gattinara February 18, 1965) - Low
- Giovanni Pezzoli (Bologna May 14, 1952) - Battery
Collaborators in the tour and the album
- Maurizio Piancastelli (3 July 1963) - trumpet, vocals, flugelhorn, keyboards and percussion
- Fabrizio Foschini (19 October 1956) - keyboards

- 1982 - Stadium
- 1984 - The face of women
- 1984 - Ask who the Beatles
- 1986 - Songs on the radio
- 1988 - Songs to the stage
- 1989 - You can trust me
- 1991 - We are all fictional elephants
- 1992 - We establish a contact
- 1993 - Live Stadiomobile
- 1995 - Of fox, of vices and virtues
- 1996 - The song of the film
- 1997 - Give me five minutes
- 1998 - Ballad of the sky and the sea
- 2000 - Women & Color
- 2002 - Eye to eye
- 2003 - Stories and geographies
- 2005 - Love fickle
- 2006 - Songs for hairdressers Live Tour
- 2007 - Words in the wind

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