VIBRATIONS - 07:05 - Viper Theatre

Article Date: 04/05/2008

VIBRATIONS - 07:05 - Viper Theatre


The group was founded in Milan in 1999 from different formations. The four members of the group, all born in Milan, are Francesco Sarcina (author and composer) October 30, 1976, Stephen Verderi (guitarist and keyboardist) August 22, 1974, Marco Castellani (Bass player, actually born a few kilometers from Milan or in Legnano) December 25, 1978 and Alessandro Deidda (Drummer) the January 11, 1976.
After a few years of playing in the premises of Milan, without publishing the four-piece can in 2003 to debut on the market with the single Dedicated to you shortly after that becomes platinum disc. They post the first album Vibrations which also extract individual "In a", "Summer Night Come to Me", "I am more serene" and "... And he leaves." The latter was later used as the soundtrack for the film Three meters above the sky.
Among other things, the video for Dedicated to You becomes virtually the first phenomenon of "video-smash", since it is parodied twice: the first by Elio e le Storie Tese for videos Shpalman (which also sees the participation of the same members of the Vibrations), the second by Frankie HI-NRG MC for the video Ask ask (where at the end you see the girl of the original video and Mangoni Elio e le Storie Tese).
In 2004 comes a DVD of the complex, called "Live at Alcatraz" which frames the excitement of a concert, backstage and the inclusion of a gag which also involves Frankie HI-NRG MC and group Elio e le Storie Tese. In December 2004 he came out another single, Raggio di Sole in March 2005 while participating in the Festival of Sanremo with "Wherever I go" and finished second in the category groups, after Nicky Nicolay and Jazz Quartet. In the same period (March 4), her second album Vibrations II that becomes almost immediately Golden Record. April 20, 2005 published a book of short stories Imagine - The stories of VibraFamily signed by the collective pseudonym "Francis Vibrations." Furthermore, in 2005, working together for the film Eccezzziunale ... really - Chapter Two ... me singing his with Diego Abatantuono the acronym
In November 2006 they released their new work entitled Machine Shops, preceded by the single If after a longer break, as many as 10 months. The new album addresses the complex to a generally more rock and less melodic, turned to the sound of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin revealing the true identity of the Milanese 4 boys. The presentation of the album took place at Rolling Stone in Milan. They also played for the All Music "blive" Alcatraz in Milan on November 4, 2006 program.
On 19 January 2007 they play at Crazy Live Music, a series of free concerts organized for Winter Universiade 2007 in Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Turin.
The new tour of the complex kicks off the 'February 8, 2007, accompanied by the output of new single Take me Street.
Marco Castellani left the group Vibrations in February 2008.
February 20, 2008 the new video "Drama", which is nothing more than a remake of the 70s movie, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Guests who take part in this video are: Paul Bonolis in the role of butler Riff Raff, Sabrina Impacciatore who plays a sexy waitress inspired Magenta and finally Riccardo Scamarcio. It is the first video in reduced emissions.
March 14, 2008 is transmitted from the radio, a new single under the name of "Unusual", the soundtrack of the film of Sergio Rubini, Glance. "Unusual" is contained in the live album "En Vivo", due out on April 18, according to the singer and leader Francesco Sarcina the song is "a secular prayer of liberation from fear, a song which did not endorse the method of construction of the senses guilt that the Church practice for thousands of years. in contrast, the Lord has always preached love and tolerance. Why should we do 'mea culpa'? the sense of sin - says Sarcina in a note - does not help the development of civilization. 'Unusual' idealizes the image of a supernatural force that could be identified with Mother Nature. "
On 18 April 2008 the new album of vibrations En vivo a collection of songs (mostly individual) recorded live. The collection is available in 3 versions: double CD, DVD and Combo version. In addition to the 18 songs there are three solos: one guitar, a drum and a bass made by the now former Marco Castellani. In addition to the new Tour leader Francesco Sarcina Group has unveiled the name of the new bass player Emanuele Gardossi aka Emone plus the entry of a fifth member (for now only in live shows): Mark Trentacoste that besides being the producer band, nor is he even now guitarist and keyboardist. The group also claimed to be ready to come out of national boundaries and begin to write in English language texts.

- Francesco Sarcina - vocals, guitar, theremin
- Stefano Verderi - guitar, keyboards, sitar
- Alexander the Deidda - Battery
- Emanuele Gardossi - Low

former Members
- Marco Castellani - from 2003 to February 2008 - Low


- 2003 - The Vibrations
- 2005 - The Vibrations II
- 2006 - Machine Shops
- 2008 - En vivo

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