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Address: Via Lisbona, 2 - , Pontassieve

Date: Wednesday 04 July 2018


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Wednesday 4 - Thursday 5 - Friday 6 July. Pontassieve. The Muratine + Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

Back "Piazza dei Popoli" in Pontassieve, as a journey to discover the cultures, origins, traditions and languages ​​of the world, organized by the Cultural Policies Office of the City and the Library, inserted in the Festival Orientoccidente, and this year dedicated to the Balkan communities : concerts, theater, meetings, performances, typical cuisine, between the former Muratine prison and Piazza Vittorio Emanuele from Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 July.

Through an intense program of events that will take place between Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and the Muratine, it will be possible to know, approach and appreciate the richness of the varied Balkan culture, lands of Europe. Scheduled in the three days workshops dedicated to children in the afternoon, while the evening on the central stage shows music, traditional dances and theater. In the three evenings you can find stands in the square with products from the Balkan regions, information for sustainable tourism in the Balkans and much more. In the three evenings you will find in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II "Balkan carpet", a space in which the Albanian artist Jonida Xherri will create carpets together with the participants of the festival.

From 23 June to 19 July, at the same time as the festival, at the Municipal Library it will be possible to visit the photographic exhibition "Unusual Macedonia, Trieste Istanbul, wandering in the car, A-Traverses the Balkans, 11 borders and 7 coins" by Marco Quinti and Monica Baron .

This is the complete program of events:

Wednesday 4th July
6 pm:
(Muratine) Bosnia between memory and future, meeting with the Italo-Bosnian writer Elvira Mujicic and Simone Malavolti, president of the History Association.
6 pm: (Ludoteca) Children's workshop "C'era e non c'è .." traditional Albanian tales and construction of a small frame. With Aneta Alla and Ilaria Danti
9 pm : "Balcanicaos" by and with Andrea Kaemmerle (or the good soldier Svejk) with Ras Kornika (violin); Ivo Andreevic (accordion); Branca Ceperac (double bass); Jan Milo (bass tuba); Jviasha Ivanova (clarinet): theatrical-musical show dedicated to the music of the Balkans, to the sounds, traditions, smells, festivals of the East, the Gypsy colors, their instruments, their travels, the raids in the Yiddish world with the his tragic and premonitory humor.
10.30 pm: music by Andj Hoxhaj , young Albanian rapper

Thursday 5 July
6 pm:
(Muratine), meeting Over the border line. Tristan Tzara, Emil Cioran and Gherasim Luca, three international voices from the 900th Romanian. With Giovanni Rotiroti, University of Naples L'Orientale and Mattia Luigi Pozzi, Catholic University of Milan
6 pm: (Ludoteca) Children's workshop: "Martisor" traditional Romanian fairy tales and construction of small woolen dolls. With Georgiana Nastasa and Valentina Primerano.
8.30pm: traditional Albanian dance show of the group "Dancing Eagles", Arbëria association of Pistoia
9 pm : "Sarabanda Postcomunista" theater-concert by Irida Gjergji Mero & Hora Quartet , with Irida Gjergji Mero (voice and viola), Giacomo Salario (piano), Ivano Sabatini (double bass), Walter Caratelli (drums): a monologue in jazz , a biography translated and musicata on the theme of roots, on the condition of emigrating / immigrating, playing with common places on diversity, with the wealth of details and the estranged look of those who face them every day in the first person. of stories, pieces, sounds and rhythms of the Albanian popular tradition revisited in a contemporary way
10.30 pm: traditional Albanian dances with the group "Aquile danzanti", Arbëria association of Pistoia

Friday 6 July
6 pm:
(Muratine) Generation bridge meeting. Young Albanians in Italy, with Arber Agalliu, journalist, Darien Levani, writer
6 pm: (Ludoteca) Workshop for children "And they lived happily ever after" Serbian traditional tales and games with the Cyrillic alphabet (Serbia). With Lidjia Dominikovic and Ilaria Danti.
9 pm: Concert of the Fanfare Transilvania , great Balkan music in the best tradition of gypsy fanfare. A legendary cult band (from the historic Dracula region) for a special kind of Romanian folk music. Multiform rhythms and harmonies, traditional dances, folk, jazz, world music ... With Miha Galan (trumpet); Raul Galan (trumpet); Constantin Buruiana (trumpet); Cristinel Roman (baritone); Iosif Sabau (baritone); Vasile Stoica (tuba); Valentin Oajdea (percussion); Vladut Magureanu (vocals, percussion)

Piazza dei Popoli is organized by the Municipality of Pontassieve in collaboration with Materiali Sonori and Festival Orienteoccidente; Consult the immigrants of the Municipality of Pontassieve; Committee in Black and White; ARCI Territorial Committee Florence; Arbëria Association of Pistoia; Cospe; Oxfam Italia; Coopculture; Edaservizi. Media partner: Novaradio future city; Albania News.

Admission is free.



Other events on Wednesday 04 July :

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