Fabrizio De André Night ✮ Via del Campo in concert

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Address: Via Michele Mercati, 24B, Florence

Date: Friday 11 January 21:15 - 03:30


Fabrizio De André Night - 20 years later
Via del Campo Tribute
+ Hugolini Dj set
Opening h.21.15 - start of the concert h.22.15 - follow Dj set
Admission € 10 (€ 7 + advance payment in advance)
Ticket One ➤ bit.ly/2Su0Zc9
Advance sales active from Tuesday 4 December

11 January 1999 - 11 January 2019
Tonight will be exactly 20 years from the death of Fabrizio De André. We remember him with a night dedicated to him, with a long live lineup of the best of his songs, played by a band of excellent musicians. A night dedicated to Faber and his unique art. In the band Via Del Campo they will play:
Riccardo MORI soloist voice and guitars
Davide CAMMELLI electric-acoustic guitar and choirs
Salvatore SCIARRETTA soprano saxophone, percussions and choirs
Vincenzo IACOBELLI synth and keyboards
Gabriele VINCI low
Francesco SAPORA battery

The VIA DEL CAMPO group was formed in 2006 from the idea of some friends driven by the desire to make music together.
The project takes shape with the aim of reproducing the refined music and poetic texts of Fabrizio De Andrè, from the irreverent "Bocca di Rosa" to the enthralling "Il Pescatore", from the fable of our days "Sally" to the ardent "Il Testament of Tito ", through the arrangements that were of the Premiata Forneria Marconi and some licenses born during the rehearsals of the group.
Coming from different experiences and with different musical backgrounds, the components of VIA DEL CAMPO summarize the heterogeneity necessary to interpret the multiple sounds and the different atmospheres contained in the songs of the lineup,
each one putting a pinch of their personality in performing the songs, always careful, however, to keep the original style and flavor intact.
Attending one of our concerts is an opportunity to listen again
the songs of the Genoese singer-songwriter and sing them together with those who are on stage, experiencing the poignant and romantic moments, as the most moving and fascinating rhythms of the evening.
The vast repertoire left us by De Andrè heritage that belongs a bit to all of us: everyone has, and we hope he can listen, the song that goes straight to his heart.

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2030410617005214


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