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Address: Via Michele Mercati, 24 , Florence

Date: Thursday 21 March 2019


Thursday 21 March at the Florence Auditorium Flog starting at 7.00 pm


Mixology, the historic broadcast of Andrea Mi dedicated to electronics becomes Mixology Waves, a traveling format that presents some of the artists who made the history of the radio program on the Italian stages. In this first appointment: Clap Clap, Nickodemus, Luca Barcellona, Mirko Casalini, Herrera + Brothermartino, 291outerspace and Gabriele Poso. Among the guests there is also the "food activist" Don Pasta who will take care of a food corner inspired by the geographical variations of music

It is 2006 when Andrea Mi, Controradio's historic radio host, airs with the first episode of Mixology, a radio broadcast that in a very short time becomes a must for all lovers of dance and electronic research.

Today, the radioshow edited by one of the key figures in the local and national electronic scene, has 435 episodes, boasts listeners from over 60 countries worldwide and can count on 26 thousand followers on the web.

Based on these premises, on Thursday 21 March Mixology is preparing to seize another important milestone: to become a traveling format capable of re-proposing on stage some of the artists who have made its history.

Mixology Waves, this is the title of the new live project whose first stage is held at the Auditorium Flog in Florence, is in connection with a network of territorial realities, artists, labels, event organizations that, with Mixology, share research paths, attitude and the same joy in reading the relationships between the geographical and productive scenes. The evening starts with very refined selections made by djs for which rare vinyls have become a reason for collecting and love for music. Among these, starting from 7:00 pm on Thursday 21 March, Luca Barcellona : an all-round artist known as one of the best Italian creatives. The domain of his art, even in the multiplicity of forms and languages used, is writing. On the walls as in rap, on paper as in the three-dimensionality of virtual space, the letters are the main component of his creations as a freelance graphic designer and calligrapher, for important institutions such as the National Museum of Zurich or for brands such as Carhartt, Nike, Zoo York, Universal, Eni.

Following Mirco Casalini , dj mainly related to house music with American roots and black music. Mirko offers very eclectic DJ sets ranging from house to techno, from disco to funk up to jazz and Latin music. Over the years he has had the opportunity to build his identity thanks to the experience gained by playing for some of the most important organizations in Italy alongside respectable artists and some of the artists who have most influenced his career, such as Volcov, Joe Claussell, Sadar Bahar, Antal and many others. The passion for music drives him to work on a new project, the "Tasty Treats Records" the personal record label, born in 2018 with the intention of creating a platform to support and share the music in which he believes.

Each appointment with Mixology Waves will have its own special cocktail specially designed by a local bartender. This time it will be Natalia Mazzilli who tries her hand at the company, the source of inspiration will be the sounds and the musical atmospheres amplified during the event.

Food will also play a very important role. For the occasion, a chef and his team will take care of a food corner inspired by the geographical variation of music, always with the classical attitude of improvisation of the DJ. A special guest on this first occasion is Don Pasta , defined by the New York Times as "one of the most inventive food activists". Since 2001 he has used writing, performances, shows, installations and journalism to develop a cultural and artistic project on the theme of food. He collaborates with the most important national newspapers and is often alongside artists known to the general public as Alessandro Mannarino, Paolo Fresu, David Riondino, Giobbe Covatta.

The central part of the event, starting at 9 pm, will be occupied by showcases and live shows and will host Rico Herrera and Brothermartino , as well as Clap! Clap! and 291outer space .

Rico Herrera has been active since the mid-90s and is known for many different productions: from the Italian rapper Speaker Cenzou, through the Los Angeles collective Rebels to the Grain and ending up working with the DJ and musician ensemble that goes by the name of Discia Maniacs. As a producer, Herrera is very appreciated for the use of a "classic" style made of vintage samples and research of the most original and rare sources. In 2014 he founded his own label, Medicine Records, with which he produced several albums. At the end of 2018 he made his debut on the Florentine label Roots Underground Records with an unexpected house project, entitled "UNO EP", a beautiful tribute to the musical tradition of Chicago / Detroit, in perfect MPC style.

At his side Brothermartino, a Bolognese musician and producer active in numerous jazz and funk ensembles. An artist who does not put up any resistance with respect to the genres or musical contexts identified by labels, definitions or anything else that can hold back creativity or interplay between musicians. He has released records for international labels such as Jazzman Records, Sonar Kollektiv, Fuzzoscope, Record Kicks, Irma Records, Bassplate Records, Dub Dojo, Hhabitat. Vol.2 of the "Mortadella EP", printed in 7 "has recently been released, in collaboration with The Ivory Boy, on the label of Max Graef and Glenn Astro, the Money $ ex Records.

Cristiano Crisci , commonly known com Clap! Clap! he is perhaps one of the most well-established Florentine artists on the international electronic scene.

His inaugural album, "Tayi Bebba", supported by the likes of Paul Simon, Gilles Peterson, Eric Andre, was acclaimed as one of the best albums of Okay in Africa, and iTunes in 2014, and was the best record of the year of Bleep.com. The "Viarejo" track was included in the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack for Microsoft Windows and current-gen console, as well as part of the official soundtrack of the film "All I See Is You" by director Marc Foster.

The musical style of Clap! Clap! it is eclectic and draws inspiration from many influences. His productions present his field recordings mixed with West African percussion and the influences of Latin soca, but they also draw on contemporary electronic music movements, with his use of staccato found in Chicago's 'Footwork', and rhythms and Italian folk melodies.

Clap! Clap! produced 3 tracks on Paul Simon's album, "Stranger to Stranger". "The Werewolf", "Street Angel" and "Wristband" include his productions, where he uses African sounds with a touch of modern electronic dance, providing both Paul Simon and Clap fans! Clap! a completely new listening experience. In an interview with NPR's All Songs Considered, Simon called the Clap album! Clap! "Tayi Bebba" an authentic masterpiece.

In 2016 he joined the Warp Publishing team, one of the most important record publishing companies in the world. In 2017 his "Ar Raqis" track is included in the video game "Pro Evolution Soccer", while "Ode to the pleiades" is included in the 'Steep' soundtrack. Also in 2017 he collaborates in the creation of the soundtrack of the movie 'Liyana'. More recently, together with the pianist Vittorio Cosma, he produces the entire soundtrack of the film 'I Am The Revolution'.

The live section of Mixology Waves at the Auditorium Flog will be closed by 291outer space , a parallel project of the collective of musicians and producers 291out. Born from the friendship and collaboration between the bassist and group leader, Luca Presence Carini, and the DJ / producer Ivan Cibien, aka Flyme, who several years ago began to manipulate the group's recorded material for applied music works, turning on electronic trajectories of predominantly space setting.

An imaginative and cinematographically perfect sound but openly voted to the dancefloor, which maintains the idea of a fusion language in which the inorganic combines with the organic and is launched towards unknown galaxies, passing through cosmic debris, funk influences, declinations kraut and science fiction scenarios.

The encounter between electronics and instrumental happening, with storytelling interventions animates the live performance in outer space mode - which includes in the basic formation the saxophonist and flutist Daniele Lacava, the pianist Nic Barozzi, the drummer Antonio Bocchino and the singer-actor Gianluca Morelli - in which the group creates the ideal sound accompaniment to imaginary interstellar journeys between sidereal atmospheres, jazz-funk-electric-spatial improvisation and celluloid evocations. They debut at the end of 2018 with the double lp "Escape From The Arkana Galaxy" for the Florentine label New Interplanetary Melodies.

Starting at 00:30 space at the dancefloor
with the spontaneous dj sets and b2b that come from the console.

Among these is that of Gabriele Poso , an artist with a strong spiritual and musical vision. Among his most illustrious supporters, Gilles Peterson who has included some tracks in his "The International Worldwide Show" and other international shows.

The last full lenght, "Awakening", released March 30, 2018 for BBE Records, arrives after the birth of the first child and marks a turning point from the personal and artistic point of view, with more expressive freedom and compositional maturity. Shortly after the release of the album and by virtue of the success achieved, BBE Music decides to revisit the tracks of "Awakening", with a series of new, sumptuous, remixes signed by Opolopo, Seven Davis Jr, DJ Crab and Clap! Clap! The result is, once again, a very successful vinyl, cd and digital collection.

The line up is completed by Nickodemus , a New York champion who "plays with records" around the world since the 90s. As a producer, dj and boss of Wonderwheel he was able to collect and reinterpret in music that cauldron of peoples and ideas that is the Big Apple, from which it comes, and has promoted a dance music contaminated by tropical sounds, with a rousing and sunny sound , carried out together with a message of peace and the demolition of any border: the sounds of another world but with the aim of being the music of the whole world. Among the various artists he has remixed names such as: Bob Marley, Billy Holiday, Nina Simone, Thievery Corporation, Quantic, Mr Scruff, The Pimps of Joytime, Miguel Migs and Natasha Atlas.

The event is organized in collaboration with Auditorium Flog, La Scena Muta, Pop Palestine, Controradio, Lattex +, Sweet Dreams, Gold, Roots Underground, New Interplanetary Melodies

Flog Auditorium, Florence

Via Michele Mercati 24b

Admission 7/10/12 €


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