Woodoo (tribal and spiritual party) by Circo Nero Italia

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Address: Via Generale Dalla Chiesa ,11 , Florence

Date: Sunday 19 September 2021


19/9 Woodoo ( tribal and spiritual party) by Circo Nero Italia @ Blanco - Florence, from 4pm to late at night

On 19 September, at the Blanco Beach Bar in Florence, from 4pm to late at night with pleasantly free admission (!), Circo Nero Italia arrives, bringing its most spiritual and green format here, namely Woodoo. More than a simple format, Woodoo is a sort of tribe that welcomes guests by making them excited with circus artists, fire eaters, fortune tellers, micromagic, musicians who play strange tribal instruments, painters and painters, food tapas ...

In summary, Woodoo brings creativity, flair, art and oddities of all kinds to a party also dedicated to those who often got bored during the usual night-time parties in the disco. During a Woodoo party it is really difficult to do it and the times even during the day (the event starts at 4 pm) allow guests to freely choose and experience a very special event.

Because Woodoo is the perfect party to feel at least wild and yet serene. From day to night, Woodoo is also a mental journey into the emotions and sensations that modern life somehow represses. "It is a fascinating moment of celebration, which delves into us and tells us about the rhythm of wild dances, thanks to the magnetism of the fire", explains the staff. The beauty is that Woodoo, as well as every show of Circo Nero Italia, can also be experienced while seated, while enjoying an excellent dinner or an aperitif, just as it will happen during the day on 19 September in Florence, at the Blanco.

On 19 September at the Blanco in Florence, attend the performances of the artists of the Black Circus listening to the music of Supernova, Leon, Ruben Mandolini and many other excellent DJs.


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