Cosimo Bianciardi & IPT ☆ release party ☆ Goodbye Proust opening

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Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II 135, Florence

Date: Saturday 21 September 21:00 - 00:00


Circolo Arci Progresso Florence
Red Cat

Cosimo Bianciardi & Intima Psico Tensione
T IPT release party

Opening act: Goodbye Proust

Cosimo Bianciardi & Intima Psico Tensione

IPT is the debut album of Cosimo Bianciardi & Intima PsicoTensione, a project conceived and matured initially in the heart of Chianti, between red wines and peasant dinners, to then consolidate in the Tuscan capital. It contains ten pieces that tell about psycho-emotional situations and paths, such as conflicting and unbalanced loves or (self) psychological introspections, drawing on the experiences of Cosimo Bianciardi, author of the texts. The musical setting, curated by Fabrizio Orrigo, is more similar to that of a rock band than to the songwriting in the strict sense and is the result of the precise intent to maintain a certain rock impact. The forays into rock-jazz and prog are a common element to the ten songs, as well as the use of the piano, both in the most intimate and extroverted songs. Another feature of this album is the exploitation of stereophony as an integral part of the sound performance, as if it were another musical instrument; for this reason, listening through headphones offers the best usability.

Goodbye Proust

The "Addio Proust!" Is a trio in its most essential and bare form: guitar-vocals / bass / drums. As raw as the music they offer. The band, characterized by hypnotic and reiterating drums, deep and visceral bass, dirty and dissonant guitar, proposes an alternative and psychedelic rock with lyrics in Italian, partly influenced by garage music and nineties.

The band was born in Florence in April 2015. In 2016 their first album was released, "I have never lost control" (Red Cat Records, produced by Guido Melis). They performed in the final stages of the Arezzo Wave editions from 2015 to 2018, Pistoia Blues 2017, 1mnext 2017 and 2018 and at the 2018 Sea Meeting. Coming from two live tours and a successful Musicraiser campaign, they are currently writing second album and to bring their latest work, the EP Resina (2019) to the premises.

Admission: € 5

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