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Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II 135, Florence

Date: Friday 31 January 21:45



LUCA MCMIRTI in concert
"Songs from the rain"

entrance 5 euro (reserved for arci members)

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➡️ Fiorentino doc, born in 1969, historical leader of Rockin 'Sound Machine (in which he played from 1989 to 1991) and later founder of Dust'n'Bones and Del Sangre, McMirti subsequently embraced his solo career, staging Luca Mc Mirti "Songbook", a show in an entirely acoustic key that saw him - in one man band version - retrace the most significant moments of his artistic life, through the guitar and voice execution of the songs that most affected his training .
Given the excellent response to the show - a refined and heterogeneous musical retrospective (from soul to gospel, through rock and grunge) - Luca McMirti, meanwhile retired from the live club scene, decided to follow up on a project always dreamed and never made, an album in a totally unplugged guise.
Thus was born Songs from the rain, in the author's words a dark, gaunt and very direct disk. Stylistically it refers to certain typically American roots sounds. A crossover of inspirations from artists such as White Buffalo, Bruce Springsteen, Mark Lanegan and many others. A condensate of anger, hope and disillusionment. A black and white postcard on today's reality filtered by life experiences.
Basically - says McMirti - the passage represents the need to justify one's failures, the search for a scapegoat for the wrecks of the newspaper; the last beach before a serene self-analysis.
Mc Mirti - like a storyteller of race and hoarse and painful vocality - designs an album with an intimate and crepuscular narrativity and an intentionally slow rhythm, deliberately rough in the roots rock musical architecture.

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