"Death makes me laugh, life doesn't"

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Address: Piazza Tasso 1/1 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Tuesday 29 September 2020


FROM 18:30 TO 20:00

Presentation of the book "Death makes me laugh, life doesn't - Cursed and forgotten of the Italian song" (Arcana, 2020) at the Aurora club. The author Elisa Giobbi talks with Fulvio Paloscia (La Repubblica). Readings by the actors Chiara Foianesi and Lorenzo Lombardi.


ARCANA EDIZIONI Elisa Giobbi DEATH MAKES ME LAUGH, LIFE NO Cursed and forgotten of the Italian song Music Series - pp. 239 - € 17.50 With contributions from Attilio Pace, Vito Vita, Timisoara Pinto, Giò Alajmo and Claudia Riva. Fourteen Italian artists, seven "cursed" (Fred Buscaglione, Piero Ciampi, Luigi Tenco, Franco Califano, Gabriella Ferri, Mia Martini and Rino Gaetano) and seven "forgotten" (Daniele Pace, Ugolino, Franco Fanigliulo, Enzo Del Re, Stefano Rosso , Guido Toffoletti and Massimo Riva), united by the gap between great talent and little
luck. Their artistic and human exploits are told in these pages through testimonies and interviews and in a narrative guise that finally gives credit to the great elusive artists, unjustly snubbed, ignored or crystallized in their condition as eternal outsiders, singers not aligned towards which we all - musicians and music lovers - we have accumulated a debt.
“We have to pay a pledge to Piero Ciampi” said Fabrizio De André. Guccini echoed him: "All of us songwriters owe the invention of a new musical genre to Buscaglione". This book is a belated but dutiful homage directed to those poets who have enriched the history of Italian song from the 1950s onwards, in its decades of greatest splendor, with suggestions, shadows, intuitions, nuances or innovations. despite the hardships of often short, unfortunate, lopsided or too intense lives, in no uncertain terms, however sick, wounded. Against the tide and controversial authors, cursed by fate but blessed by the muses, forgotten unforgettable in eternal credit. ELISA GIOBBI
Cultural worker, she founded and directed the Caminito publishing house for several years. She is the author of Firenze suona (2015), Rock'n'Roll Noir (Arcana, 2016), Eterni (2018), La rete (2018), Love (& Music) Stories (2019) and La sposa storico (2019). He regularly writes about art on blogs and websites and is president of the Firenze Suona association, with which he organizes music festivals.

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