circolo GADA

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Name: circolo GADA

Address: via de' macci 11 , Florence - Historical Center

Tel: 3406778049



The restaurant is a converted church of the '200, the seat of a voluntary association (Aurora-profit organization). The Circolo GADA born from the association's self-financing needs and passion for music, theater, film and street art.

Fridays and Saturdays are held live concerts and theatrical performances, of course, free admission, except for rare occasions that will always be marked; for entare must still be in possession of a card, which can be mcL or ACSI, the ACSI card is more conveniete as it costs 5 Euros a year and once in possession of this all the evenings are free, moreover, it is used in many other premises in Florence; however, it will remain valid throughout 2009. MCL card after which you can enjoy the bar by econimici prices and enjoy the evening in a wonderful atmosphere throughout the year !!!

We will be happy to accommodate all forms of art and creativity during our evenings. Contact 3395740087/3406778049

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