Circolo SMS Serpiolle

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Name: Circolo SMS Serpiolle

Address: Via delle Masse 38 , Florence - Rifredi / Le Piagge



Six Bars Jail is a Folk Club in Florence dedicated to the acoustic guitar and especially the technique of fingerstyle .

It formed in 2006 by a very small group of friends at the initiative of Sergio, in the space of little more than three years has grown \ 's entry of other enthusiasts able to invite in Tuscany big names in international acoustic guitar as John Renbourn, and Beppe Gambetta Peter Finger to name a few, but also many emerging guitarists very talented and promising young Italian and international panorama.

The folk club, absolutely self-managed, remains with the support of the spectators (including the organizers who pay, like the others, the d \ 'admission ticket) and the Circle \ "Mutual Aid Society \" Serpiolle, small fraction the hills of Florence. SMS right from the circle \ 'early houses the folk clubs in their own small theater and supports with extraordinary confidence cultural activities and musical initiatives that their members carry on despite the general economic difficulties and the particularities of the proposed general.

The climate of friendship and the desire to share their passion for the guitar and fingerstyle is the basis of the folk club philosophy because all initiatives are organized in their free time and with the spontaneous contribution of its supporters.

Besides the concert activities that the folk club prefers, also organizes other initiatives such as workshops, open mic, and travel expenses to attend concerts or festivals like last Ullapool Scottish October, or culinary / guitar meetings as the \ "Fingerporking \ "organized by two years, in late August, in the small medieval village of Rigomagno Siena, where, to the extraordinary evocative charge of the Tuscan landscape, associate the charm of the acoustic guitar and the goodness of pork cooked according to ancient traditions, all washed down by \ 'incomparable wine of the area.

Six Bars Jail, \ "prison six bars \", is the name of an instrumental piece of Florentine guitarist Giovanni Unterberger to which the folk club wanted to make explicit tribute. Unterberger, pioneer of fingerpicking in Italy in the seventies / eighties was a reference point for all those who have come close to this technique, not only in those years, but also later. Less known \ 's Foreign still represents in Italy a very prestigious name, not only because of the teaching methods that produced, but also to the school of modern music \ "Lizard \" who founded several years ago in the hills above Florence. Unterberger gave the Six Bars Jail, on January 8, a memorable concert after many years of inactivity concert, a real feast for all lovers of fingerstyle and some sort of recognition for the efforts of recent years all the friends Six Bars Jail.

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