Meeting and presentation of the book "Sons of Catastrophes"

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Address: v. Villamagna 27a , Florence - Gavinana / Galluzzo

Date: Thursday 01 October 2020


Thursday 1 October, from 6.45 pm at CPA Firenze Sud

Presentation of " Sons of catastrophes - Rebels and revolutionaries" by Giorgio Panizzari and Tino Stefanini (Milieu Editori) in the presence of the author and comrade Panizzari

To follow, popular dinner and outdoor bar!

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The initiatives take place outdoors in spaces that facilitate distancing, but let's not forget the mask, (let's wear it when we are indoors or very close to other people) and the protection of everyone, in the bathroom and at the bar you will find soap and sanitizer for wash your hands frequently!
L i bro co-written by Tino Stefanini and Giorgio Panizzari, two leading figures in the world who moved beyond the limit of legality in the seventies, Sons of catastrophes tells the lives of two boys who have spent most of their existence in prison and who today, who are no longer kids, have decided to tell their story, writing their own story. A life strongly marked by rebellion: Tino Stefanini is a bandit and was part of the most important gangsters of those years: the Vallanzasca gang, those of Comasina, protagonists of robberies and firefights, which have indelibly marked the chronicle of those years. Panizzari was one of the founders of the Proletarian Armed Nuclei and his name was on the list of 13 prisoners whose release the Red Brigades had asked for in exchange for the release of Aldo Moro. Alternating the two voices, in a dialogue of close and fast memories, the volume tells of the enormous changes in the undergrowth of the underworld, with so much action and little prison, with the profound reflections of those who have crossed that world throughout their lives. The double story, which ends with Stefanini's last chapter entitled "Aglio, olio e peperoncino", also tells the transformation of the cities of northern Italy, Milan and Turin, in the transition to post-industrial society, to the surprise of those who, after ten years in jail, he returns to his neighborhood where "by now we only lived by selling drugs, something I did not share and in which I never wanted to participate". There are many unpublished pages dedicated to the protagonists of the criminal life of those years.


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