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Address: v. Villamagna 27a , Florence - Gavinana / Galluzzo

Date: Saturday 26 January 2019


A new year and a new edition of the Sgrana & (Tra) Balla, the three days of popular music at the CPA Firenze Sud, which has now become a reference point for lovers of popular music throughout Italy! This time, however, the wait seemed really too much, and so, before the 17th edition, which will be held as usual in May, we decided to offer a 16th edition and 1/2, or rather a ...
For a day the popular music, dances, flavors and warmth that only those three days can give, from the afternoon, with the usual aperitif until late at night with dancing, will return to the CPA, this time in our concert hall, passing through inevitable dinner!

6.00 pm - DANZE ASSUD dance workshop:
Immersion laboratory in the musical culture of southern Italy through the study of some of its most important choreutical expressions: PIZZICA PIZZICA, TARANTE AND TARANTELLE will become part of our imagination, as they have been and still are alive and present in the centuries. imaginary and in the experience of the people of the South.

- The Sons

"Our homeland is the whole world, our liberty law"
The Figliole project was born between friends during the last notes of a Cantarmaggio. The passion that unites us for popular music, the curiosity to discover and learn new traditions and the desire to sing and tell their stories, has prompted us to start this path that sees the protagonist music from all over the world. Different texts, sounds and rhythms that speak in the common language of everyday emotions and experiences. Songs that tell the story of our history and in which we can all recognize ourselves.

- De 'Soda Sisters:

We propose a repertoire of old folk and fight songs belonging to the tradition of Tuscany especially with particular attention to look for the songs of the coast of Livorno, which we re-arrange in our personal style. Stornelli da osteria, revolting nursery rhymes, serenades of love, farm songs and melodies of the past. We like to call our kind AGRIFOLK, because it emphasizes our roots linked to the earth.

- O 'Brian Bombers:

Irish tradition in music. Beginning in February 2012, the O 'Brian Bombers are born when a Violin, a Sax (later lost and become a Tin Whistle) and a Battery dream together to found an irish folk group. The influences of the Bombers vary from the Chieftains to the Dubliners, from the Pogues to the Gaelic Storm, from the Corrs to the Irish Rovers, to the ballads, gigas and traditional Irish reels, all rigorously arranged in the details to make the best the joy and the atmosphere of the Irish pubs that are respected. The dances, the laughter and the good music are guaranteed!

- PopulAlma:

"I PopulAlma is a group of ethnopopular music, born in Tuscany from the meeting of musicians from various regions of southern Italy.The PopulAlma project aims to pass on and promote songs and music of the Italian popular tradition and the different origins of the components allows create colorful and vivid nuances, with a rich reinterpretation of tradition and a wide repertoire, where pizziche salentine, tammorriate bells, Sicilian tarantellas, calabrian and lucanas predominate.

- Lou Tapage:

The journey begins at the gates of 2000 in the southwest of Piedmont, on those mountains where sea and plains are united, France and Italy: a borderland where the joining and the confusion of languages and traditions gives life to a mosaic of different voices, colors, sounds, a noise that translated into music and in Occitan-Provençal bears the name Lou Tapage. A rock group son of the Folk - contaminated by a number of unknown fathers - whose music ranges from the rhythm of popular dances to arias Irish, from Italian to French singer-songwriter to Celtic music, all linked by a common thread that is precisely the eclectic and personal style with which the Lou Tapage for 10 years now play around Europe.


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