Cultural Association that promotes musical events
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Name: Freequencies

Address: Wherever whenever Florence, Italy , Florence

Tel: 3921664902



# Freequencies was born in Florence in the early days of summer, that of 2015, so hot, that if we had known before, would be born in Obereggen.

It blossomed as blooms every initiative that respects: after a few drinks there is always one who shoots the biggest of others ... just that others have said yes!

So not quite tired of their jobs, what we decided to do? Organize events, in short, it is something easy, the kind that you sleep at night 12/13 minutes if the dog does not bark from nearby.

But the rest is sacred and the first signs of defiance stood out already in the first meeting: the most important, the most fiery, the one where you decide the association's name.

When a prohibited zone to the lower one has been raised proposing Cola name, some have thought that the window would be a great way to go home.

Well the first meeting lasted four meetings, until the thirtieth time that departed from the iPhone the Frequencies song, someone woke up and exclaimed: "Why do not we call Freequencies But with two, and"? Just imagine the astonished eyes of the other people in the room who saw the light in the tunnel.

Here it was born our association promoting music, art, performances, and as you understand it is a continuous work in progress.

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