Be Forest + Jack Eden / Aftershow Outsiders Djset

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Address: Viale Manfredo Fanti, 20, Florence

Date: Saturday 2 February 22:30 - 02:30


Glue Alternative Concept Space & DNA Concerts


Be Forest
opening act: Jack Eden (ITA - WWNBB collective)
aftershow: Outsiders dj set w / Dis0rder (indie-rock / postpunk / alt-electro)

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Be Forest. (ITA - WWNBB collective)

Inside a darkness that is not just night, at the bottom of a darkness that has no maps, nor walls to reach to cling and move towards some light. No reference: beyond the hands only this darkness, to float or to let go. The music of the new Be Forest record expands in every direction, plunges into darkness until it is made of the same substance. Knocturne: knock, a shot, a signal from the night. This record is a call in the dark and at the same time the answer.

The Be Forest had been missing since 2014, since the days of the acclaimed Earthbeat, and for their return they have chosen with care and patience the right way, developing a work that represented them from the first to the last note, a record that was , first of all, honest, direct. It is felt immediately by the sound, at the same time more bare and richer, the most analogical possible. Although the production of each track has been much meditated and stratified, the Be Forest have reached here their most sincere and pure music.
Knocturne was produced by Steve Scanu together with Be Forest, recorded and mixed by Steve Scanu and mastered by Josh Bonati.

In addition to Costanza Delle Rose (vocals and bass), Erica Terenzi (vocals, drums, Eminent) and Nicola Lampredi (guitar), Steve Scanu, Jack Eden and Luca Sorbini also played on this album.
The graphics are by Luca Sorbini, the photographs by Marco Cappannini.

Opening Jack Eden, or Giacomo Stolzini, voice and guitar of Brothers In Law. Far from the sound of the main band, Jack Eden, armed with synths and drum machines, is proposed as the author of a minimal and melancholic electronic pop.


Glue Alternative Concept Space
Viale Manfredo Fanti, 20,
50137 Florence




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instagram: @glue_firenze

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