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Address: Viale Manfredo Fanti, 20, Florence

Date: Saturday 20 October 22:00 - 02:00


Glue Alternative Concept Space & Radar Concerts


GO! ZILLA - Modern Jungle's Prisoners release party
opening Act Dust & The Dukes
aftershow: Hannibal Records team djset

Free entry with Glue / US Affrico card
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Go! Zilla (ITA - Teenage Menopause RDS)


Modern Jungle's Prisoners, the return of the Florentine Go! Zilla record, is the beginning of an unprecedented sound adventure for the Tuscan band: on the third album the quartet (now quintet) - Luca Landi (voice, chittarra), Mattia Biagiotti (guitar) , Fabio Ricciolo (drums), Niccolò Odori (synth, percussion), Federico Sereni (bass) - he climbs the columns of Hercules of the garage rock in search of new musical territories to discover to give life to a concept album on mental jungle captivity urban: a thousand nuances and facets in nine passages, but they represent a single journey, crossing different paths between past, present and future.

The many souls of the "old" Go! Zilla - starting from the sour and garage - punk of "Grabbing a Crocodile" (2013) up to the heavy psych of "Sinking In Your Sea" (2015) - intertwine with the desire, natural and spontaneous, to follow unexplored creative paths before the band: the songwriting with garage and psychedelic veins, meets the soundtrack music ("Intro", "Interlude") and the afro-beat ("Evil Is Satisfying") . Special, therefore, the collaboration with Enrico Gabrielli (Caliber 35), his sax in "Falling Down Ground". And the album cover is equally significant: a shot by the German photographer Thomas Hoepker. A forest mural in the South Bronx, an image that perfectly summarizes "Modern Jungle's Prisoners", which will be released by the French label Teenage Menopause Record on September 28th 2018.

Djset by Annibale Records team:

Mr Nick Matt III (Rome, LOVE and PSYCH // Radio Kaos Italy)
Annibale Twins


Dust & the Dukes (ITA)

I Dust & the Dukes is a rock band born in Florence in 2016. A journey through the roots of American music. Desert Rock, Blues and lysergic atmospheres are mixed in the sounds of the band. With a first EP to the active, the Dust & the Dukes continue an intense live activity that represents the true essence of the band. Winners of the last edition of the Controradio Rock Contest, have opened the concerts of Bud Spencer Blues Explosion and The Veils.


Glue Alternative Concept Space
Viale Manfredo Fanti, 20,
50137 Florence




info (at) gluefirenze.com
instagram: @glue_firenze

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