Massimo Zamboni (CCCP CSI) / Sudden heat wave tour 2019

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Address: Viale Manfredo Fanti, 20, Florence

Date: Friday 15 March 22:00 - 02:00


Glue Alternative Concept Space presents:

FRIDAY 15 MARCH 2019 // 22:00

Massimo Zamboni (CCCP CSI) Sudden Heat Wave Tour
aftershow: dj set

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Massimo Zamboni (CCCP - CSI)
Born in 1957 in Reggio Emilia. At the beginning of the eighties, after a period in the Berlin of the Wall and of the occupied houses, he returned to Reggio, together with Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, he founded the CCCP-Fedeli alla Linea group. The Europe of the east-west blocks, the occupied houses, the decadence of the Soviet empire, the restless realism of living in a province divided between a pro-Soviet heart and a pro-American practice, popular fascinations and melodic music, youthful condition and tradition: everything this mixes in the songs of
CCCP, in their "pro-Soviet punk".

The CCCP experience ends in 1989, at the fall of the Berlin Wall. The following decade saw the birth of a new group: CSI, Consorzio Indipendenti. The popularity of the group is immediate, so as to bring them to the top of the record, even with challenging songs, chanting, with themes focused on the nearby war in the Balkans, memory and the Gothic Line, the end of the Western world, and incursions into distant worlds and neighbors, Mostar, Mongolia, the French Finisterre. Around the group a real musical movement coagulates, Consorzio Independent Producers, with dozens of albums produced, which bring numerous groups to the national limelight.

After the CSI experience, since 2000 begins a long period of experimentation and research, which brings Zamboni to compose albums as a soloist, focusing on issues that analyze the human condition in its most intimate and dramatic aspects, and collectively. He makes several soundtracks for the cinema, feature films, documentaries and experimental shorts.

After a twenty-year career in two of the major bands in the history of Italian music, CCCP and CSI, and an equally long solo career that sees him establish himself as an author, composer, musician and writer, the journey of Massimo Zamboni continues with a new concert tour .
"Sudden heat wave" is the title chosen. The artist from Emilia tells us: "In recent years I feel a great affection for our past musical events, and great respect and attention for the successive paths that each of us has undertaken.
A real wave of heat, able to shake and put me back on a purely musical stage, after having spent the last years writing and practicing musical readings ".

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