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Address: Hard Rock Cafe Firenze Via dei Brunelleschi, 1

Date: Friday 15 September 22:00 - 23:30


The AC / DC and Ramones remastered with ukulele, Michael Jackson country version, Beatles mixed with Green Day and 883 song "totally swing". On Friday, September 15, at 8pm, Hard Rock Cafe Firenze welcomes the originality, quality and sympathy of the Raudo Brothers with their crackling repertoire, a real arsenal of songs at the limit of the syncope. "Rude, irreverent, unworthy," as they themselves call themselves, the Raudo Brothers continue to play their many instruments, in a kind of musical opportunism that brings them to mix great rock'n'roll classics at Shakira, Elvis to Britney Spears and Beatles at 883. A pop, rock, rock'n'roll international repertoire with amazing musical mixes played with a crazy "shot". I'm only in two but there's everything: bass, guitar, voices and countertops, electronic drum and percussion, ukulele, cazoo section, keyboards. "Guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, cymbals played with the feet and other useless things used only with the taste of the swear. Think you can not do it? Then you never met the Brothers Raudo. "

Fratelli Raudo - Bio. Raudo Brothers come from a ten-year experience in Tuscan rock'n'roll bands with whom they have made a great live experience in pubs, private parties and theaters, boasting about one hundred evenings a year. They have participated in many public events and festivals, including many editions of the "Mercantia" International Theater Festival in Certaldo (FI), Apriti Borgo ABC Festival of Campiglia Marittima (LI), the Free Radio Festival of Alatri (FR) Florence's white nights at ... In 2011 they also made a television experience on TVL regional television producing a mini-series inspired by action films. The series is aired during the Frank Catrame Show variety, a comedy show featuring guests like Niky Giustini, Kagliostro, Graziano Salvadori, Massimo Antichi. In 2012, the Raudo Brothers enter the theater with their show "The Real Story of Raudo Brothers", and all sold out at the National Theater of Quarrata (PT). In 2013 they accompany on a theatrical tour Alessandro Paci and Massimo Ceccherini with the show "Gli Arrockettati". In 2014, I'm the broadcast house band on RTV38 "Watching the Great Galaxy" with Alessandro Paci and Kagliostro, writing the initial initials. They are currently continuing their intense live activity in private venues and parties throughout Italy.

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