Filippo Margheri in concert _ album presentation InDipendenza

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Address: Via Brunelleschi 1 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Thursday 06 December 2018


Filippo Margheri in concert _ album presentation InDipendenza

Hard Rock Cafè Florence
Thursday 6 December at 22:00

Thursday , December 6th , guest of the prestigious stage of Hard Rock Cafè Florence , Filippo Margheri , frontman for seven years of MiiR, and for two, voice of Litfiba . Filippo Margheri will present his unpublished album InDipendenz a . The album is the result of a life lived, personal growth and investigation of the intimate, between notes, words and melodies. The disc presents modern and current sounds, but from the aftertaste of that Tuscan wave typical of the eighties, full of gray arias and disillusionment. His name: InDipendenza . Freedom from a state of subjection, non-subordinate condition, autonomy. These are the characteristics that permeate the spirit of the album, project by the indie rock singer-songwriter, born from a single goal: making music. Making independent music. Making music in full InDependence .

Margheri has put his thoughts to music on how much depends on a lot and many, between dogmas and automatisms that chain us. He sings of what binds us and subjugates us, with the intent of smearing the bricks of this castle, which may seem like a splendid palace, but in reality, it is nothing but a fortress, a fortress, which surrounds and constrains.

Many musicians who took part in the recording of InDipendenza , one among all Federico 'Ghigo' Renzulli , composer together with Margheri of the songs 'the Rabies in the head' and 'Buried Vivo'. The album was entirely mixed by the sound engineer, as well as musician and producer, Fabrizio Simoncioni , and by the sound engineer Ben Frassinelli , at DPot Studio in Prato.

The album was preceded by the release of the single Bad Girl , accompanied by her official video clip, obtaining good success and good reviews.

Filippo Margheri has been an intense summer , full of events, emotions and satisfactions, and the months to follow, until today, have not been less. Together with his guitarist and collaborator Federico Baracchino , he was guest of some important Tuscan stages in acoustic duo, he participated in the contest 'I'm not just tunes', organized by MEI 2018, to honor the Neapolitan singer-songwriter Edoardo Bennato , seeing his cover of 'It was your fault' , selected for the compilation a few days out, several times he met the legendary Red Ronnie , in transmission at The Red Bar Roxy Bar and on the occasion of the Fiat Music Tour, which brought him finalist on the stage of Teatro Ariston di Sanremo with the single 'Sedato'.

A particular note of the album that Filippo Margheri will present on the authoritative stage of the local / museum, goes to the piece 'The female of Piombino' , here, totally rearranged, song of the multi-talented artist from Magni Magnino , a table and stage companion by Francesco Guccini and accomplice 'in eighth rhyme' by Roberto Benigni . The song was born thanks to the competition 'Musica D'Autore - The Magnino Prize' of Agliana, and has been a great success. Margheri, who was very close to the song, with the permission of the son of the artist who died prematurely in 1986 at the age of 38, decided to include it in his album.

Microphones turned on so Thursday, December 6 for listening to InDipendenza, the disc of maturity of Margheri, made of new and sophisticated dimensions of texts, arrangements and structures.

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