Me, Viriginia and the Wolf + Bluagata Live at the Jazz Club

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Address: Via Nuova de’ Caccini, 3 - Firenze , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Thursday 20 December 2018


If it is true that, at least in Italy, rock is dead, the dark is underground and the songs and melodies have become extinct as dinosaurs, then the Tuscan band Bluagata is perhaps here thanks to a seance. It will also be scary, but do you want to put satisfaction in feeling "puum!" after the proverbial "beat a shot"?
Then you see them on stage: Alessia, singer angry with the world, a guitarist who seems to come out of the SOAD that is not stopping for a moment, a drummer stolen from the precise black metal as a multi-decorated turnist, and the Baroness, a Goth variant of Annarella dei CCCP, responsible for the electronic part of the live and, citing the Emilian band, worthy soubrette.
Then you listen to them, and all you can think of is that this band is disturbing.
Yes, because from the first note you enter a territory where the reference points jump: as soon as you seem to pick up a sick new wave in music, a voice "timeless and ageless" makes its way, a sort of Patty Pravo / Milva / Rector destabilizing and at the limit of excess, very melodic, accompanied by the distant and tortured screams of the Baroness who would give the chills to the most sailed Scandinavian longhair. The guitars have an ungainly sound, they are minimal to the Joy Division but with the power of being hypnotic like a soundtrack. The bass is so saturated that the notes almost disappear while the battery has a surgical sound and the noisy electronics seem written by those who rave us in the days of healthy. And when you seem to have understood how things are, everything is reversed, the electronics becomes more "dance", but the voice becomes recited, the guitar implodes and the Baroness sings softly.
This is what awaits you with BLUAGATA, for the first time at the Jazz Club Firenze !!!!



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