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Address: Piazza delle Murate , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Wednesday 28 November 2018


From Saturday 24 November to Thursday 13 December in Florence between Le Murate. Contemporary Art Projects, Teatro della Pergola and the Marucelliana Library

Six concerts to tell the force of today's music:

at the start the 39th mo Gamo International Festival (GIF)

On the billboard unpublished productions, absolute premieres and original projects: a cross-section on the best of contemporary music, with Italian and international artists

Departure November 24 with a tribute to Scodanibbio and the first ever of Ultravox I by Stefano Pierini.

Among the festival guests, Mauricio Sotelo, Alessandro Solbiati, Matteo Franceschini,

Jacopo Mazzonelli, Eleonora Wegher, Agnese Toniutti

Also in the program is a co-production between Gamo Ensemble and Résonance Contemporaine

Six concerts, including new productions, absolute premieres and original projects dedicated to contemporary music and the most innovative and interesting productions of the Italian and international scene: from November 24th to December 10th the 39th edition of Gamo International Festival ( Gif) returns to Florence , organized by the Open Music Today Group (Gamo), with the artistic direction of Giancarlo Cardini and Francesco Gesualdi ( www.gamo.it ). The festival is organized with the support of the Tuscany Region; Municipality of Florence; SIAE today's classics; Savings Bank; MUS.E Florence, in collaboration with Amici della Musica di Firenze and Résonance Contemporaine. We thank the Marucelliana library and the Bardi Academy.

To open the festival on Saturday November 24th at Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, a tribute to the composer and contrabassist Stefano Scodanibbio , with Francesco Platoni on bass, Federico Nicoletta on piano, Stefano Pierini elettronica; the concert also includes the premiere of " Ultravox I " composition for double bass and live electronics by Stefano Pierini. The project curated by Francesco Platoni is the winner of the competition Illumina organized by SIAE .

Among the guests of this edition the maestro Mauricio Sotelo, protagonist of the GamoMusica Award 2018 that will take place at the Teatro della Pergola on Sunday 2nd December for an event in collaboration with the Friends of Music Florence, present in their season and included in the Strings City event calendar .

"The recent round of the three-year conventions showed that the Municipality of Florence believes in this solid reality that it will turn 40 next year - said Tommaso Sacchi , head of the Culture Secretariat of the Municipality of Florence in a press conference - Inside the center cultural of the Murate finds a temporary seat where to develop the projects in residence. I strongly believe in the work of those who for many years have organized and produced the best of the cultural sector in our Florentine civic spaces ".

"The collaboration with Gamo continues - adds Valentina Gensini , scientific director Le Murate. Contemporary Art Projects - this year we are the epicenter of the festival and we focus as a contribution to the festival on two special occasions, which seek to appeal to a wider audience. This Festival, although for years catalyzed insiders not only of local but also national caliber, it is important for us to offer citizens opportunities to meet with contemporary music, that of research and that is worth, that must be increasingly promoted to the whole citizenship. "

"The network of GAMO Festival collaborations is growing ever more, - added Francesco Gesualdi , artistic director of the festival - this because we strongly believe in the importance of spreading the value of today's music, we want more and more people to appreciate it. We thought of a program full of new productions and original projects designed specifically for the festival, come and discover them, you will be pleasantly impressed! "

Among the events not to be missed, also the one with Maestro Alessandro Solbiati, who will hold a masterclass from 2 to 7 December with the GAMO Ensemble in residence at Le Murate. E v enerd ì December 7 at the end of a concert master with all songs premiered performed by Gamo Ensemble, directed by Francesco Gesualdi.

Among the special events the artistic residence, at Le Murate PAC, in collaboration with MUS.E Florence, entitled " The act of Touch ". The installation will also include a live performance composed of seven pianos with a single note that will resonate within a sound environment reproduced by the electronic composition. The three artists, creators and performers of the project are: Matteo Franceschini, composition and live electronics, Jacopo Mazzonelli performer and sculptor, Eleonora Wegher, performer The event is included in the context of Toscanaincontemporanea 2018 (November 28, 18 hours).

Also worthy of mention is the concert titled " Suono e Tempo ", the music by Giancarlo Cardini and Giacinto Scelsi, performed at the piano by Friulian Agnese Toniutti , alternating with the voice of the actor Davide Damianti, who will read pieces dedicated to the two composers (1 December, 6 pm - Le Murate, Contemporary Art Projects ).

The exhibition closes with a new premiere co-production between Gamo Ensemble and the Résonance Contemporaine ensemble entitled " Le Metamorfosi ", which will take place on Thursday December 13th at 5 pm, at the Marucelliana library . The solo female voices of the French line-up will meet with the instruments of the house ensemble in Florence, the concert will be directed by Alain Goudard and Francesco Gesualdi. The entire program consists of all new commissions that will be executed first. The GAMO-Résonance contemporaine production is in collaboration with the Biblioteca Marucelliana and the Bardi Academy of Vernio.

The GAMO association, currently run by Francesco Gesualdi and Giancarlo Cardini, is dedicated to the diffusion of contemporary music. Founded in Florence in 1980, it weaves artistic partnerships with the most important authors of the late twentieth century, continuing in the uninterrupted furrow of contemporary musical research. Among the guests of the past seasons, the Japanese master Hosokawa, the Spanish composer Luis De Pablo, the German Helmut Lachenmann. Distinguished composers such as Petrassi, Donatoni, Bussotti, Cage and Sciarrino dedicated some of their compositions to GAMO.

Admission: € 7 for reservations: direzioneartistica@gamo.it

For more information www.gamo.it

The program in detail:

The festival opens on Saturday November 24th at 6 pm in Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea , with a concert tribute to Stefano Scodanibbio , composer and contrabassist who died in 2012 with whom Gamo collaborated several times in the 80s. The project, conceived by Francesco Platoni, is the winner of SIAE SILLUMINA project, which supports the concert together with MIBAC - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. The concert starring Francesco Platoni at the double bass, Federico Nicoletta at the piano, Stefano Pierini, electronics. Among the various moments the first absolute performance of "Ultravox I", conceived by Stefano Pierini for double bass and live electronics.

Second appointment on Wednesday November 28th at 6 pm always at Murate with " The act of touch ", a real artistic performance dedicated to electronic music. For the occasion seven pianos will be made to a single note that will be played by the three pianist performers Matteo Franceschini, Jacopo Mazzonelli, Eleonora Wegher . The installation is in residence from 25 to 28 at Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea. The collaboration between Matteo Franceschini and Jacopo Mazzonelli is realized through a performance where the acoustic writing merges with the electronic manipulation in real time. The new physiognomy of pianos and the transformation of its materials is configured as the starting point for a reflection on the very nature of the relationship between sound and matter. The project is realized in the context of Toscanaincontemporanea 2018 and in collaboration with MUS.E.

Saturday, December 1 at 6 pm The Murate. Contemporary Art Projects will host " Sound and Time ". The Friulian pianist Agnese Toniutti will perform music by Giancarlo Cardini and Giacinto Scelsi alternating with the readings of the actor Davide Diamante , taken from Paolo Carradori, "Giancarlo Cardini: music, the twentieth century", Giancarlo Cardini, "Soap bubbles", Giacinto Scelsi , "The dream 101".

Sunday, December 2 at 21 at the Teatro della Pergola appointment with the GamoMusica Award 2018 to the composer Mauricio Sotelo . The concert, in coproduction with Amici della Musica Firenze , is supported by SIAE as part of the "SIAE Classici di Oggi" project and included in the third edition of the exhibition entitled "New Gamo Concerti Cycle of Today's Classic Classes" which will continue in the summer . The event is part of "Strings City", a common festival of the City of Florence dedicated to stringed instruments.

The musical compositions are arranged specially by Sotelo for flute and accordion and for ensemble concertante. The program is designed ad hoc, in fact it has never been performed before in this form and this staff. On stage Roberto Fabbriciani on flute, Francesco Gesualdi on accordion and Gamo ensemble composed by Marco Facchini on violin, Paolo Del Lungo on violin, Camilla Insom on viola, Giorgio Marino on cello, Vieri Piazzesi on double bass, Marco Farruggia on percussion. Directs the Maestro Mauricio Sotelo.

It will then be the turn of the Solbiati Project, with a masterclass from 2 to 7 December of Maestro Alessandro Solbiati that will end with a concert, December 7 at 18 at Le Murate. Contemporary Art Projects. Protagonists of the event are the Gamo Ensemble , with, among others, Lisa Napoleone on cello, Sara Minelli on flute, Nicola Tommasini on accordion, Giovanni Riccucci on clarinets, Marco Farrucci on percussion, Antonino Siringo on piano. All the tracks are a first class ; Alessandro Solbiati's composition "Verso (Pour J.)", performed for the first time in Florence, directed by the master himself and designed for violin, piano and four instruments (flute, clarinet, viola, cello), will close the event.

The festival will close on Thursday December 13th at 5 pm at the Biblioteca Marucelliana with a co-production between Gamo Ensemble and Résonance Contemporaine entitled " Metamorphosis ": all the compositions in the program are first absolute performances. The two realities, in fact, share the desire to support and promote European musical creation and to spread it beyond the local realities of belonging, creating joint artistic productions. The co-production of "Metamorphosis" is the first concrete experience of this common will. The protagonists of the event will be the Six Voix Solistes , vocal ensemble that will participate in the concert in the training Isabelle Deproit, Catherine Bernardini, Chantal villien, and the Gamo Ensemble , with Sara Minelli on flute, Giovanni Riccucci on clarinet, Nicola Tommasini on accordion, Marco Facchini to the violin, Gorgio Marino to the cello, Marco Farruggia to the vibraphone. They direct Alain Goudard and Francesco Gesualdi. The event is in collaboration with Biblioteca Marucelliana, Mibac, Bardi Academy, as part of the 2018-2019 programs of the Biblioteca Marucelliana Bardi Academy in Vernio.

Press office Gamo XPRESS COMMUNICATION - Sara Chiarello 329.9864843; Giulia Luchi 333.1462086


Other events on Wednesday 28 November :

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