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Address: Piazza delle Murate, Florence

Date: Saturday 20 October 20:00 - 02:00



"No book ends; the books are not long, they are large. The page, like
reveals its form, it is only a door to the underlying presence of the book, o
rather to another door, which leads to another. To finish a book means to open
the last door, so that neither this nor the ones we have are closed anymore
so far open to cross the threshold, and all those that are infinitely
open, they continue to open, they will open in an infinite hiss of hinges. "
G. Manganelli. Pinocchio: a parallel book.

in Cate

Inside Atletica del cuore 3, a project curated by Fosca, now in its third edition, which addresses the relationship between art and pedagogy with practices and reflections and which this year will focus on the theme of perception, "OPEEEEEN Radiophonic Marathon other brususes and hinges still "is the natural continuity of the sign and the sense. As for the marathons that concerned the authors Italo Calvino and John Cage, also in this case we ask the participation of anyone who wants to be there with their own contribution in the form of reading or song or other.
This time it will not be an author to act as a protagonist, but the theme of perception in literary declensions to act as a leitmotif of the interventions. Everyone can therefore choose a text that he considers adherent to the theme. An opening
huge, democratic, probably crazy, but certainly intriguing for the times
cultural and political policies in which we are called to be.

The evening will be October 20, 2018 from 20 hours at Caffè Letterario de Le Murate in Florence and will be free admission for those who will be directly in the place or live on the radio or streaming on Novaradio Città Futura 101.5 FM

The radio medium acquires an added value in contemporary media
comes out of the scope of vision and leaves room for the practice of listening, to
subjectivity, to the imaginary, in a non-intrusive dimension.
What do I see when I see? What do I listen to when I listen? I? we?
In the caledoscope of existence keep the door open and allow the passage e
the crossing remains a fundamental theme for making art. In the disorientation e
in investigating areas not visited, the world view undergoes fundamental changes for
a creation of a work of art. Whatever form it is: a book, a performance,
a song etc etc, in the impermanence of becoming to leave the possibilities
acquires added value.

To participate you must send an email with your personal data and the choice of the author and the intervention to: by 12 October.
It will be the care of Maria Caterina Frani to make the selection and the schedule of the interventions that we require no more than 20 minutes.
In collaboration with Fosca and the participation of Novaradio Città Futura.

Happy to be together numerous.

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