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Address: Piazza delle Murate , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Thursday 17 September 2020



18.30 Presentation of The eye of Franco Marucci hell

9.30 pm concert by Barrio Porteño

Throughout September and beyond, at the Caffè Letterario Le Murate (Piazza delle Murate 1, Florence; free admission) you can enjoy, in addition to the usual bar and restaurant service, a regular program of late-afternoon and evening outdoor events: book presentations, concerts, dance performances.

All with free admission, in compliance with the anti-covid legislation: once the maximum capacity allowed has been reached, it will not be possible to enter until someone has definitively left (limited admissions); for this reason it is advisable to book on 055 234 6872 .

17 September at 6.30 pm Presentation of The Devil's Eye Agoni, loss, redemptions in Ingmar Bergman's cinema by Franco Marucci. The Devil's Eye is a Bergmanian film, a refined variation originally embroidered on the plots of the two main and most revisited Western myths, those of Faust and Don Giovanni. But the title of this book summarizes in an imaginative exergue a common thread that runs through the entire filmography of the director. From his Lutheran roots, Bergman investigates the agon between divine and diabolical in human life, leaving man, always prey to his hallucinations and bewilderments, little chance of redemption. Except that the "devil" is after all Bergman himself, who with his eye scrutinizes these agons "as in a mirror", a hazy, blurred, distorted mirror.

Franco Marucci taught English Literature mainly at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, where he was full professor for twenty five years. The eight volumes of his History of English Literature were published by Le Lettere, Florence, 2003-2017, and are also available in full English translation (Peter Lang, Oxford, 2018-2019). Anglist with a vast production, he has always been interested in the relationship between literature and the arts and has written on the complete filmography of Michelangelo Antonioni and on Luchino Visconti, Federico Fellini, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen and other directors.

At 9.30 pm concert by Barrio Porteño . Gigi Cardigliano: voice and guitar, Modestino Musico: accordion, Gabriele Pozzolini: percussion, Michele Staino: double bass. The poetry of Violeta Parra and Atahualpa Yupanqui, the warmth of Cumpay Segundo, the energy of Juan Manuel Serrat and Carlos Càceres, in a Latin American vortex that goes from candombe to rumba, from son to milonga.

Friday 18 September The dances of Gea . Gaia Scuderi: Arabic expressive dance; Duccio Rangoni: keyboard. A dance and music show that stems from the idea of breaking down borders in favor of the union of arts and cultures. The dance technique called Arabic expressive dance is a union between several genres such as Arabic dance, contemporary dance and flamenco; the musical part, through the notes of the piano, moves from pieces by Spanish, Cuban, Arab and unpublished authors, all in an organic flow with a strong emotional impact. The show will last approximately 60 minutes. Each dance performance will have a costume change.

Saturday 19 September at 9.30 pm Hoodoo Farmers , musical trio formed by William Cavalzani, Giacomo Ballerini and Alessandro Gerini. Active for years on the Florentine live scene, they decided to mix their musical aptitudes at 360 ° by creating a project with country blues influences by intertwining their 3 voices and accompanying themselves with guitars, cajon and harmonica. The result is a mix of roots influences strongly characterized by vocal harmonizations.

Tuesday 22nd September Film Supercult: Pulp Fiction .

Wednesday 23 September at 6.30 pm WikiPedro presents You have never been to Florence if ... 4 walks outside the usual sightseeing . A practical guide, full of stories, anecdotes and goodies by an author born in 1992, Pietro Resta alias Wikipedro, blogger and influencer who is very popular on Facebook for his video-guides to the beauties of Florence and Tuscany.

Thursday 24 September at 6.30 pm presentation of the new issue of «Micromega» by Cinzia Sciuto; 9.30 pm concert by Willotree . Vieri Sturlini: classical guitar, Lorenzo Advice: electric bass and effects, Riccardo Cardazzo: drums. A Florentine-Mugello acoustic trio with a repertoire ranging from traditional jazz standards to pop art to mash-ups of songs spanning over fifty years, all leaving great space for improvisation.

On Friday 25 September at 9.30 pm there are Acustica in concert with the show “Acoustic Transpositions in the Viggiano Harp”. Massimo Duino: mandolin, Luca Bersaglieri: guitar, Marco Massari: percussion, Vincenzo Arvia: diatonic accordion. An ancestral acoustic journey into the Lucanian musical imagination: the soundscape of rural communities "in danger of extinction" in which, through music, the "myth of beyond" is celebrated. The timbral and harmonic varieties of Lucanian music give simple and complex atmospheres at the same time, historicizing liquid present, and humanizing places of being.

Saturday 26 September at 9.30 pm Femina Ridens : Francesca Messina and Massimiliano Lo Sardo, with the collaboration of Nicola Savelli on percussion, will present some preview songs of their third album to be released next autumn for Radici Music Records. The live is freely inspired by medieval secular music: troubadour songs, virelai, fourteenth-century ballads and goliardic songs written between the tenth and fourteenth centuries. As Gustav Mahler wrote "tradition is the preservation of fire, not the worship of ashes." The key to this excursus is therefore not philological, but visionary and animated by martial rhythms, swirling harmonies and frenzied guitars that open up new psychedelic horizons.

Tuesday 29 September to be defined

Wednesday 30 September 6.30 pm Presentation: the new book by prof. De Sanctis with the Luigi Einaudi Foundation. At 9.30 pm we listen to the singer-songwriter Riccardo Azzurri , performing his latest CD "Popular song" accompanied by Marta Martini, dancer of the Florence Dance Academy who will dance some of his songs.


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