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Address: Piazza delle Murate , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Saturday 29 August 2020


The Murate Literary Café

Piazza delle Murate n.1, Florence



Thursday 16 July 2020

in late summer


From Thursday 16 July at the Caffe Letterario Le Murate ( Piazza delle Murate 1, Florence; free admission), in addition to the usual bar and restaurant service, you can enjoy regular programming of late afternoon and evening events outdoors: presentations of books, concerts, dance shows.

All with free admission, but in compliance with anti-covid regulations: once the maximum allowed capacity has been reached, it will not be possible to enter until someone has definitively left (quota entrance); for this reason it is advisable to book at 055 234 6872 .

Thursday 16 July 2020


Thursday 16 July at 6.00 pm presentation of the book Florence, architecture and community by Alberto Di Cintio ; after the initial greetings of the Coordinator of the UR PPcP Prof. Paola Puma, the following speakers will speak: the Rector of UNIFI Luigi Dei , the President of the Regional Council Eugenio Giani , the Professor Emeritus of UNIFI Mariella Zoppi and the author, former professor of Architecture all'UNIFI.

The volume, published by Edifir, develops an in-depth reflection on the state and future of Florence, on its architectural and urban events and above all on the impact and positive evolution of the new participatory processes, of civic commitment, dedicated to the common good and well-being of the environment and the community, A reading of Florence - of metropolitan Florence but also of its historical heart - as a city fully involved, for better or for worse, in the scenario of globalization and therefore analyzed also by looking at recent phenomena, which highlight a structural crisis of the development model and of cities. On these issues the book inserts precise and in-depth references to sustainability, the green economy, bio-architecture. And in the focus on Florence telling the difficulties of the historic center and some positive participatory planning experiences in Oltrarno, but also in the outskirts of Novoli. Great attention also to the social changes of the city, to the relationship between identity values and new processes of integration and interculturality, to which Di Cintio dedicates a precise theoretical contribution and model of construction of urban life through the project "places of mediation".

9.30 pm concert by Stevan Joka : Bosnian, he came in 1991 to study at the Music School of Fiesole and then at the Cherubini Conservatory of Florence. Since 2003 he has had a solo project, based on music from the east of the Balkans and on his own compositions, which led him to found the Tara Ensemble which later became the current Balkan Damar ensemble. For the evening at Fiorino he presents himself in his original role of soloist, voice and guitar.- guitar & loop station only.

Friday 17th July 9.30pm concert by Mescaria. Mescarìa is the fusion between the term "mmesca", which means "to mix" and the word "aria" which in the musical field identifies a vocal style characterized by the performance of a cantilena, defined as "aria singing". Their show is a mixture of songs discovered in memory, which start from the music of Southern Italy and from the Grecìa Salentina up to the Balkans . A journey to discover the deepest traditions of popular music in our country - folk music from the south.

Saturday 18 July 9.30pm concert: Perfidia trio, traditional Cuban music with Francesco Birardi, Luca Imperatore and Paolo Casu.

Wednesday 22 July at 6.30 pm presentation of the book Journey to Venice by Edgar Allan Poe by Michele Mingrone.

Thursday 23 July 18.30 presentation of the book Is the curtain on the liberal order down? by Sonia Lucarelli

21.30 dance show with Araba Fenice (Eleonora Sampaolesi and Sara Giacomelli). Dances of contamination from the Arab and Mediterranean way, inspired by the myth of the Arab Phoenix, evoked by the wonderful poems of Paraskevi Zerva and told through the elements of nature. The ardent majesty of fire, the purifying roots of the earth, the renewing power of water, the lightness of the air and the strength of rebirth in a dancing vortex.

Friday 24th July 9.30pm concert: Il Canto del Raval . A group that weaves flamenco guitars and a charismatic voice, interpreting a vast contemporary repertoire with unique personalities and harmony. The trio is newly formed, but composed of experienced musicians who have been playing together for many years. The new project is therefore the natural flow of previous experiences, different influences and new perspectives. On stage: Chiara Santini (solo voice), Fabio Binarelli (classical guitar, choirs), Thomas Daliana (classical guitar, choirs).


Saturday 25 July at 9.30 pm concert by the singer-songwriter Roberta Carrese . Born in 1994, he plays guitar, drums, ukulele and piano. At "The Voice of Italy" the young singer-songwriter, who earned the nickname "Black Pearl", it immediately came to light, measuring itself in various musical genres. He recently launched his second single, " Vetro ".

Wednesday 29 July at 6.30 pm presentation of the book The windows in front of Maria Rosaria Perilli


Thursday 30 July 9.30pm concert: Paolo cancellieri - THE Stoned -Acustic Rock


Friday 31st July 9.30pm concert - Jacopo Meille (vocals) Francesco Bottai (guitar) - Acoustic Rock. The two youngest members of the historic Norge band play the best of classic rock in acoustic key, Led Zeppelin in the lead.


Saturday August 1st at 9.30 pm Bassamusica concert, or the accordionist Pasquale Rimolo and the singer, guitarist and percussionist Arianna Romanella. Frame and accordion drums, wood and rattles, reeds and skins. Colors, smells, passions, illusions flow along the spontaneous union created by the orderly path of the notes and the strokes struck with skill. Harmony and understanding emerge spontaneous, overbearing, taking by the hand anyone who lets himself be captured by the energy of music.


Wednesday 5 August 19.00 book presentation - Nardini Editore, to be defined

Thursday 6 August 19.00 presentation of the book The year of the bat by Enrico Nistri

hour concert 21:30 - Peyman Salimi. Peyman Salimi is on his second solo album, Won Now, but he cannot be considered a newcomer. Active as a musician for some time, he moved to Florence from Iran about fifteen years ago. For nine years he worked with The Allophones, a town band but with ambitions and a global breadth, which allowed him to refine his approach with international pop of Anglophone matrix. Compared to the rock impact of his band, Peyman's solo path has a more intimate approach, where some electronic elements are added to the guitar and vocals, never invasive. His musical background is of a high standard; he attended the classical guitar course at the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory and as soon as he graduated he continued his studies to specialize in electroacoustic composition. Technology and refined songwriting are the ingredients of his music.


Friday 7 August 9.00 pm presentation of the book - Fuori dalle Bolle - by Michele Cucuzza

12 August 19.00 presentation of the book Postcards from Lesbos by Allegra Salvini

Friday 21st August 9.30pm concert - Michele Staino (double bass) and Renato Cantini (trumpet) - Ipnotize

Saturday 22 August 9.30pm concert - Via del Campo duo - Riccardo Mori (voice and guitar) and Davide Cammelli (guitar)


Thursday 27 August 9.30pm concert - Zarlingo Trio

Friday 28 August 21.30 concert: Marco Di Maggio duo . Marco Di Maggio: guitar and voice; Matteo Giannetti: double bass. Rock'n'roll and rockabilly with a duo that looks like an orchestra. Marco Di Maggio is a leading exponent of the international R'n'R scene and is considered by the specialized press as one of the best guitarists in the world.

Saturday 29 August 21.30 concert - Sine dades


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