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Address: Le Murate Caffè Letterario Firenze Piazza delle Murate

Date: Friday 15 September 20:30


"Reality is further ahead"
Daniel Tarozzi tells Italy that changes with theater and music with Stefano Fucili, Fabrizio Bartolucci, Tommaso Baldini.
At Le Murate Literary Café Florence

Within the European Erasmus + ECORL Project, Collaborative Economy Talks and Tales, Sustainable Lifestyles, Social Entrepreneurship and Ethical Finance of Sustainable Practices!

Far from the mass media spotlight there is a Italy that is already building another way of living, working, creating relationships and economics for a possible and sustainable future. For over 3 years, the journalist and writer Daniel Tarozzi has been shooting all the regions of Italy in the camper, meeting over 400 incredible and wonderful realities, from entrepreneur to younger, from activist to farmer, from housewife to manager, ecologists at the market, from the country's defense movements to the solidarity buying groups, from the permaculture to the mafia sites that have been released. From Daniel's encounter with Marxian singer-songwriter Stefano Fucili (formerly collaborator of Lucio Dalla), the inquiry show was born. REALITY IS NEXT, Traveling in Italy, changing for the direction of Fabrizio Bartolucci.

Text - Daniel Tarozzi
Director - Fabrizio Bartolucci
Songs and Stage Music - Stefano Fucili

Daniel Tarozzi
Fabrizio Bartolucci - reading
Stefano Fucili - voice, acoustic and classical guitars, banjo
Tommaso Baldini - electric guitar, bouzouki

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