Niños readings of Nicola and Silvia

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Address: Piazza delle Murate, Florence

Date: Thursday 15 November 18:00 - 20:00


Nicola and Silvia will read some passages from Nicola's book.
Nicola Mariuccini
Enclosed in a villa by a psychiatrist - Vallejo-Nágera, called "il Mengele" by Francisco Franco -, four children (three prisoners and a friend of theirs) narrate the events that led Spain to be a fertile land of cosmopolitan culture and Montessori education, free and attentive to the development of the child, to become a theater of war, hunger and poverty. The horror of Spanish history is told here, in its degrading daily life, by the voices of the "stolen children" who, between torture, misery and madness, still continue to hope for a brighter world.

Nicola Mariuccini (Umbertide, 1966) In 2015 he published The Crystal Prison, a novel focused on the issue of femicide on the historical horizon of colonel Greece. In 2017 his second publication, with Castelvecchi: Nighthawks, a novel set in Portugal with a historical retrospective on the vicissitudes of the Salazarist regime.

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