Pentheus. An initiatory rite

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Address: Piazza delle Murate , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Thursday 11 April 2019


Pentheus. An initiatory rite
Ideation and dramaturgy: Francesco Gori

" Penteo " is a rewrite of Euripides' Bacchantes from the point of view of the male protagonist Penteo.
The story of the young king of Thebes ceases to be a tragedy, where the impiety of a man is punished with his and his entire lineage's condemnation, to become a collective initiation rite involving an actor, twenty performers and the public .

The show was produced during the artistic residency at Le Murate. Contemporary Art Projects in which the satirical drama collective that was a prelude to Penteo's tragedy was composed.

As a child, the king of Thebes, Penteo, lost his father and was raised by women, but he did not know nature of women, he fears them and mistreats them because he does not know himself. Not knowing himself he cannot recognize the Other, be it woman or god, bacchant or Dionysus.
It was for this reason that Dionysus - prisoner of Pentheus in his palace - convinced him to dress up as a woman to go and spy on the bacchantes in the woods of Mount Citero. The bacchae, uncovering it, tear it to pieces. To decapitate his own mother, Agave.
This is how Penteo will experience the
σπαραγμός ( sparagmòs ) on his skin : the particularly violent rite of Dionysian mysteries which consists in ritual dismemberment. Like Dionysus, the male-female god, he died a child torn by titans and resources from his father's thigh, Zeus, now that his king's remains is laid - and with it his will, his arrogance, his ego - and Penteo becomes an initiate in Dionysus.

With: Francesco Gori and Filippo Bagordo, Benedetta Bronzini, Giovanna Brunelli, Lorenzo Caponnetto, Silvia Catani, Tommaso Ciabatti, Giulia Ciccarelli, Ilaria Jina Corsi, Filippo Focardi, Barbara Gerini, Tommaso Laponti, Esther Mauro Scucces, Maria Montesi, Gabriele Orsini, Filippo Pasciuto, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Michele Vangioni, Melody Waysieh Behbahani, Chiara Zavattaro. And with the extraordinary participation of Lorenzo Pezzatini

Directed by: Francesco Gori and Gloria Amaranti
Art: Parama Libralesso
Costumes: Marion Gizard
Lights and Sounds: Martino Lega
Graphics: Silvia Catani
Technical Support: Michele Vangioni

10 and 11 April at 21:00
Free admission, reservation required
Tel: +39 055 2476873


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