Travel Presentation in Sithonia. I walk in Greece that was not there

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Address: Piazza delle Murate , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Wednesday 04 August 2021



18 hours

Presentation of

Journey to Sithonia. I walk in Greece that was not there

by Alberto Bile Spadaccini, with the author and Martina Castagnoli


City Center Exremist dj set

The 2021 edition of the "Summer at the Literary Cafe" has started at the Literary Cafe Le Murate (Piazza delle Murate 1, Florence; free admission), where you can enjoy, in addition to the usual bar and restaurant service, regular programming, curated by Enzo Mileo and Domenico Frascà, of late afternoon and evening outdoor events: book presentations, concerts, dance performances . Book submissions and new issues of major journals will typically be three per week.

Wednesday 4 August at 6pm Presentation of a trip to Sithonia. I walk in Greece that was not there by Alberto Bile Spadaccini (Polaris publisher); in collaboration with On the Road Libreria (Florence). On stage the author and Martina Castagnoli. A hitchhiking trip in the present and in the past of Sithonia, a wonderful peninsula covered with forests and with long golden beaches, located in the central arm of Chalkidiki, a region of northern Greece. identity of the present day. Alberto Bile is a Neapolitan reporter, writer and translator; curious traveler, voracious scholar and passionate about Colombia. Also on Wednesday 4, at 8.30 pm, City Center Exremist dj set.

The events of «Estate al Caffè Letterario» are all free admission , but in compliance with the anti-covid legislation, with limited capacity: reservations are therefore strongly recommended , by phone at 055 9360738 , by email at (wait for an answer) or via WhatsApp at 333 1863521 .

Upcoming events

Thursday 5 August The shoes of the Flâneur From the poetic collection written on the Parisian boulevards in the tradition of cursed poets the transposition into notes of the verses of Jonathan Rizzo . With the same poet at the readings and piano accompaniment by Maestro Nicola Genovese and with the magic of the trumpet by Maestro Renato Cantini . The crossroads of the arts is tonight at the Murate.

Friday 6 August 8.30 pm Francesco Rainero in concert. The Florentine singer-songwriter Francesco Rainero, accompanied by Chiara Vichi, presents the songs from his albums "Mancino" and "Generazione", his most recent singles and some special covers in an unreleased version. Francesco Rainero: voice and acoustic guitar; Chiara Vichi: guitars, effects and choirs

Saturday 7 Shot of Love . Shot of love is an all-female trio, both in image and content. They present a repertoire of pop-rock songs completely re-arranged and proposed in an engaging and original acoustic key. The Florentine group, composed of Filomena Menna (vocals), Federica Fabbri (acoustic guitar and vocals) and Oretta Giunti (percussion and vocals), tells the female universe through written pieces, interpreted by women or that talk about women (eg Janis Joplin, Madonna, Britney Spears, PJ Harvey, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Amy Winehouse, Skunk Anansie, etc). The name of the group, inspired by the song by Bob Dylan, is a tribute to love that, like a red thread, crosses and unites the worlds of these women to explode with force in an authentic Shot of Love!

Dom enica August 8 musical evening organized by the Halftone. The association presented the project "Mezzotono: Small Italian Orchestra Without Musical Instruments" approved and included in the Summer Fiorentina 2021 review.

Wednesday 11 August 8.30 pm City Center Exremist dj set

Thursday 12 August 9pm Fake trio. Swing, Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Ska with Lele Fontana: piano and voice, Francesco Cherubini: drums; Lorenzo Forti: bass.

On Friday 13th at 9pm the Muziki will be listened to in concert, a trio that brings together the pianist and composer Franco Santarnecchi, the vocalist Titta Nesti and the cellist and flutist Eleanor Young. It is the natural result of the collaboration between the three musicians in various other formations including the Waves Orchestra. The characteristic of this group is to explore, thanks to the free improvisation built both from original themes of their own composition, and from fragments of jazz and popular music standards, different timbres and musical colors. It will be precisely the acoustic and electronic instruments used to evoke different settings, in a sound dialogue that is always open to new possible suggestions. Franco Santarnecchi: piano and keyboards; Titta Nesti: vocals and live electronics; Ellie Young: cello and flute.

Saturday 14 August at 8.30 pm The Storytellers duo. Marilena Catapano: voice and percussion; Gianfilippo Boni: voice and piano. The best of Italian auteur music (Dalla, De Gregori, De Andrè, Fossati, Conte, Capossela, Daniele, Gaetano, Battisti, Caputo, Concato and many others, not forgetting the most significant songs of the international female songwriter (Tracy Chapman, Cindy Lauper, Suzanne Vega etc), re-proposing them in rhythmic versions rearranged and freely reinterpreted, always giving free space to improvisation and the emotion of the moment.

Sunday 15 Feast of Ferragosto

Wednesday 18 August 8.30 pm City Center Exremist dj set

Thursday 19 August at 9 pm « Stories of Nostalgie Real Estate. Greetings to Fabrizio de André », with Pantaleo Annese: voice, lyrics and nostalgia, Vito Vilardi: guitars and arrangements.

Friday 20 August at 9 pm «Put an evening with ... Ivano Fossati».

Saturday 21 August at 9 pm Stefano Torracchi International Musik.

Monday 23 August at 9 pm «An Ode to Bob Dylan», original poems specially written and read, with background music, by Jonathan Rizzo , at the opening of Bob Dylan's Week curated by Giuseppe Oliviero (aka Acquaraggia).

Wednesday 25 August 8.30 pm City Center Exremist dj set

Thursday 26 August 9 pm Sara Rados trio. Florentine singer-songwriter of Neapolitan-Croatian blood, she is one of the most interesting voices on the Italian scene. In 2008 he won the RAI contest two "Scalo 76" with the song La Ricetta ", for which he also made a self-produced video clip (on youtube). At the end of 2008 he won the Ciampi Prize and the Rosa Balistreri Critics Prize (San Giovanni La Punta (CT)). In 2010 he is among the sixteen semifinalists of Musicultura in Recanati with the song "Marzo", winning the SISME prize. The often not simple events of life have lengthened the working time of his first studio album, Le cose cambiano , which was released in 2018 and was recorded with the collaboration of Paolo Baglioni (percussion and drums, Pelù, Morandi), Alessandro "Finaz" Finazzo (acoustic guitar, Bandabardò), Andrea "Orla" Orlandini (acoustic, electric and slide guitar, Bandabardò), Michele Papadia (keyboards, Noemi, Ana Popovic, Petrella Trio 70's).

Friday 27 August 9 pm concert by The Stoned - Acoustic Rock. Paolo Cancellieri (vocals) and Alessandro Donati (guitar), already together in the bands Dimples and The Shots, offer the old projects in an acoustic key: from soul, ballads and atmospheres of black music to the rock-blues classics of the seventies, with the aim of giving a couple of hours of serenity in the name of good music.

Saturday 28 August at 9 pm Bottai and Meille play Led Zeppelin. Iacopo Meille (main voice and second guitar) and Francesco Bottai (first guitar and second voice). Both in Norge, their love for Led Zeppelin's music has led them, now many years ago (more or less since Francesco Bottai joined Norge permanently), to form this duo to be able to play live - strictly in key acoustics - songs and songs that otherwise found no place in the band's usual electric set.


Other events on Wednesday 04 August :

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