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Address: Piazza delle Murate , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Friday 27 September 2019


Two days at Le Murate comes the first edition of the festival,
with talks and interviews with local actors of regeneration

Contagious examples of courage:
Endorfine weekend is coming, the festival

Saturday, September 28, meetings with the "landscape scientist" Franco Arminio, Farm Cultural Park,
Port of Stories, Small Literary Pharmacy and FACTO

They will dance with Cecco and Cipo, the Matti delle Giuncaie and the Baro Drom Orkestrar

The boys from Le Discipline , the operative arm of the Libera on the Florentine territory, return, and they do it with a new idea, destined to leave their mark, in the minds and nights of the young people who live in the city.

Already included in this year's extensive program in the Florentine Summer , two days arrive in the courtyard of Le Murate, at the Literary Cafe , dedicated to the interviews and talks of those who, today, are able to set an example to build something new, living in the present and learning from the lessons of the past. "Endorfine, the festival" opens on the evening of Friday 27 September , with a musical event, and continues throughout the day on Saturday 28, with a grand finale .

Unveiled the whole program of the two days: to open the first evening of Friday evening will be the greetings of the Councilor for Culture and curator of the Summer Fiorentina, Tommaso Sacchi , who will start the musical dialogue of the Empoli duo Cecco e Cipo , emblem of the true and cheerful Tuscan light-heartedness, today well known also at national level. Then dance immediately with the Matti delle Giuncaie Maremma.

Saturday space for moments of confrontation with the thematic meetings: Professor Carlo Andorlini , an expert on social innovation at the University of Florence, talks with Alessandro Cacciato of Farm Cultural Park , a Sicilian experience of urban regeneration in Favara, a province victim of abandonment and mafia. It will then be the turn of Elena Molini , famous in the national chronicles for her Small Literary Pharmacy in Florence , with a talk between the protagonists of the local experiences of cultural renewal. Michele Arena and Leonardo Sacchetti will be present to talk about the Porto delle Storie , an active storytelling workshop for young people, and Silvia Greco, as a testimony of the FACTO project , the first art co-working in Tuscany. Franco Arminio , a poet and singer of the countries, of the country, of possible and essential community life outside the urban centers - and curator of his festival in Basilicata - is looking forward to the final, with an interview with the " landscape scientist ", as he likes to define himself. Aliano. Final evening full of energy, as usual, thanks to the harmony of the notes of Enzo Mileo Quintet and the ethnic music of Baro Drom Orkestar

What are endorphins? It is soon said: they are substances that the brain produces when we run, laugh, dance, sing, make love. Their active principle is beneficial, vital, fundamental: it is the main physiological resource we have to be happy, produced by a great emotion. The festival is born from here, from this principle: to be the endorphine that runs through the streets of the city, to return the joy and energy to its young inhabitants, the necessary push to create something new, beautiful, of better . In these times of widespread cynicism towards enterprise, of skepticism towards still unknown horizons, "Endorfine, the festival" is an opportunity to embrace contagious examples of courage , to seek and find true inspiration , each for its own small daily movement, to respond to the need for escape, to the consequences of depopulation.

The children of The Disciplines are not new to giving life to original experiences: active since 2011 with active citizenship projects, thanks to the collaboration with the institutions and cultural associations of the Tuscan fabric, they have already managed to involve hundreds of young people, with workshops , events and shows (with the likes of Motta, The Ministers, Bandabardò, Street Clerks, Modena City Ramblers). The last great occasion took place only last year, again at Le Murate, with the success of "Nota Libere" , in which the Livornese singer-songwriter Bobo Rondelli and the dance rhythms of Baro Drom Orkestar took turns.


- Friday 27, starting at 9 pm


Cecco and Cipo , musical interview

The madmen of the junks

- Saturday 28 September, starting at 5 pm


Franco Arminio , LANDSCAPE and poet

Elena Molini of the Small Literary Pharmacy Florence

Alessandro Cacciato of the FARM CULTURAL PARK in Favara

Michele Arena and Leonardo Sacchetti , from the Port of Stories

Silvia Greco of FACTO

Carlo Andorlini of the University of Florence

CONCERTS, from 9.00 pm

Enzo Mileo Quintet

BARO DROM Orkestar

Info and Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/453129758614332/


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