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Address: Piazza delle Murate, Florence

Date: Thursday 11 July 18:00 - 20:00


THURSDAY 11 JULY 6:00 pm Book presentation with Authors WE START AGAIN FROM FOOD. A MASS PREVENTION WEAPON By and with Giuseppe Tartaglione Aracne Editor Luca Galzerano moderates Food balance is played at the table: we discover the secrets for a healthy, sustainable and ethical diet. Genes are the draft from which life begins and the environment is what shapes and modulates their expression. Lifestyle and genetic predisposition are the factors that most influence the onset of many of the current chronic-degenerative pathologies, whose causes include the dissonance between food produced and human physiology: the speed of development of food technologies, in fact, is higher to that of biological adaptation of our body. From the consideration that a correct lifestyle impacts not only on individual health, but also on that of the entire planet, is born the integrated vision between nutrition, ethics and ecology that the volume aims to present and disseminate. Through the history of the human body, basic nutritional concepts and a pragmatic regulatory-cultural framework on food, the work pursues a double objective: to make it clear that preventive nutrition does not necessarily require the opinion of experts, differently from what concerns the 'diet for therapeutic purposes; to instill knowledge and awareness for an effective, sustainable and supportive expenditure, attentive to health and personal well-being, of the community and the planet. Giuseppe Tartaglione is a surgeon specialized in general medicine. Graduated cum laude in 2012 with a thesis entitled When women became doctors. History of the first graduates in Medicine in Siena, decides to deepen, during the training course in General Medicine, the study of nutrition, of which analyzes some aspects in the specialization thesis of Solidarity Purchase Group: a resource in the strategy of health promotion in General Medicine ?. In addition to the profession, he nurtures a passion for writing and for teaching, which since 2015 has concentrated on the drafting of the popular volume Ripartiamo dalla cibo. A weapon of mass prevention, the result of extensive and multidisciplinary research concerning the theme of food, treated in the most exhaustive and scientific but at the same time pragmatic way.

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