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Address: Piazza delle Murate , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Wednesday 07 October 2020




presentation of

Abolish war. Ideas and proposals on war, peace, federalism and European unity

by Ernesto Rossi (1897-1967), edited by Antonella Braga

Still in October , at the Caffè Letterario Le Murate (Piazza delle Murate 1, Florence; free admission) you can enjoy, in addition to the usual bar and restaurant service, a regular program of late-afternoon and evening outdoor events: book presentations, concerts, dance performances. All with free admission, in compliance with the anti-covid regulations: once the maximum capacity allowed is reached, it will not be possible to enter until someone has definitively left (limited admissions); for this reason it is advisable to book on 055 234 6872.

Wednesday 7 October 6 pm presentation of Abolire la guerra. Ideas and proposals on war, peace, federalism and European unity , by Ernesto Rossi (1897-1967), edited by Antonella Braga (Nardini Editore). «Working for peace means, in the field of letters, fighting chauvinism, arrogance and nationalist exclusivism, propagating the spiritual values of humanism as foundations of our civilization; in the more strictly political field it means especially imposing control over military budgets and foreign policy [...], and federating the states thus directed into ever stronger and wider unions "[From Ernesto Rossi's letter to his wife, Rome Criminal House, April 10, 1939]. According to this definition, peacemakers are all those who engage on a cultural, ethical and political level to promote the non-violent resolution of conflicts.

Thursday 8 October at 6pm presentation of the History of Italy and disasters: from emergencies to Italiasicura by Erasmo D'Angelis and Mauro Grassi (ed. Polistampa): founders of the "Italiasicura" mission structure, tell of a country in constant emergency a way to turn the page. With the participation of Giorgo Federici and Nicola Casagli, professors of the University of Florence. The Publisher will be present. Remember the mask and respect for distances. A fascinating and unknown, original and documented history of Italy, a surprising historical and scientific journey with data, figures and many unpublished; it is the book of uncomfortable truths, with the true story of the disasters announced. It denounces the current conditions of risk, but above all it indicates the way to move from chasing endless emergencies to the culture of prevention and useful construction sites. Pages that read like a novel, from the first known catastrophe, the tsunami caused by the collapse of Etna 8000 years ago, to the most recent disasters.

Thursday 8 October 9.30 pm Malibra trio . Brahima Dembelè: voice, djembe, balafon, kora, tama; Manuela Iori: piano, keyboards, choirs; Ettore Bonafè: djembe, dundun, drums A musical project born in 2010 and led by Brahima Dembelè, Griot from Burkina Faso; his music and lyrics, all in the Djoula language, widespread in West Africa. The musical idea draws directly on African rhythmic and melodic baggage; in fact we can find the echo of the choirs of the small villages, the rhythms of traditional dances, the bright and melancholy colors at the same time of wonderful and distant landscapes. This Afro background, however, meets and blends with different types of Western music, which also owe their roots to Africa: reggae and jazz. Traditional African instruments such as djembe, balafon and kora also mix with keyboards, piano and drums. An author's journey that starts from Africa and reaches us.

Friday 9 October 9.30 pm Led kajal Acoustic Trio by singer and guitarist Khaled Hamud. Led Kajal's music enters the vortex of Funk, Soul and Acid Jazz, with a repertoire that includes original songs and covers by international artists such as Steve Wonder, Incognito, Herbie Hanckok, Donna Summer, Jamiroquai, Bill Withers and many more others. The peculiar feature is the ability to drag the audience with their grooves, whether it be covers or original songs, which creates a joyful and bubbly funky tribe atmosphere in each of their performances. For the evening Khaled is joined by guitarist Sergio Montaleni and drummer Cosimo Marchese.

Saturday 10 October 9.30 pm Noreplay in concert. A young band for an evening of assorted covers.


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