Diction and Creative use of the Voice

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Address: via San Domenico 51 , Florence - Campo di Marte

Date: Tuesday 15 January 2019



The course of diction and creative use of the voice is aimed at all those who are interested in improving the correctness of the spoken language and the expressiveness of the narrated content. The course includes a series of exercises of diction, of setting the voice and expressive reading.


- Diction: correction of the pronunciation defects deriving from regional inflections or defects in the setting of the phonatory system. Correct accentuation of words, tonal accents and phonic accents, articulation of consonants and consonantal groups, syntactic doubling.
- Voice setting: sound emission, breathing and use of the diaphragm, study of the registers.
- Expressive reading: study of expressiveness, how to give color to the text, how to arouse interest in the listener, in reading and in speech. Concentration exercises for reading at first sight. Expressive reading on Italian and foreign fiction and poetry texts. Methodology of reading in verse.
- Rediscovery of the roots of phonics.
- Creative use of the Voice


12 lessons of 1 hour and a quarter with hours 18.30 - 19.45 from Tuesday, January 15, 2019.


Location: Via Erbosa, 32 / C

Dates of the meetings: 15,22,29 January,
5.12.19, 26 February,
5.12.19, March 26,
2 April 2019

Participation fee:

€ 180 (deposit of € 50 to register)
The course can be attended by everyone, even by those who have never participated in theatrical experiences.

Maximum 10 participants.

from Monday to Friday 16.30-19.30


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