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Name: Mandela Forum

Address: Viale Paoli 3 , Florence

Tel: 055 67.88.41



The property is in the city center, just 150 meters from the Campo di Marte railway station and the center of the town park Campo di Marte in Florence.
The spectators entrance is on Viale Pasquale Paoli n. 3
service entrance is at # 6 Viale Malta

The Association Palasport

The Palasport Association of Florence, formed by Claudio Bertini, Rosetta and Massimo Buchetti Gramigni, headquartered in Viale Malta No. 6 in Florence.
On 22 September 2003, by resolution of the City Council No. 649/99, he has been joined by the Municipality of Florence and is currently the Legal Recognition by the Tuscany Region.
By resolution No. 113 of Thursday, July 28, 2005 the Province of Florence joined the Association Palasport of Florence.

The association aims to manage the Palazzo dello Sport in Florence, today Mandela Forum, located on the Champ de Mars, including building appurtenant areas, plant and equipment.

Extract from the Statute of the Association Palasport of Florence - Art. No. 2
- AIM (...) "The association aims to render a service to the citizens and to the entire territory through a structure of management, pursuing the principle of economic efficiency and having regard to the correct balance between spending and entry, maintains and develops the use commercial structure but ensuring the representation and the satisfaction of all the needs from users of the Sports Palace, whether associations or sports clubs, charities, organizations of cultural events, shows and entertainment, as well as individual spectators and "goers.

The Mandela Forum, has a covered area of ​​10,000 square meters. about; and outdoor areas of 15,000 square meters. about.
Due to its characteristics, the Mandela Forum is well suited to a diversified and multi-purpose use, being able to host sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and meetings, shows, meetings and parties.

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