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Address: piazza dei Macelli, 4 , Prato

Date: Tuesday 25 June 2019




Inauguration scheduled for Tuesday ì June 25 at 18 in Piazza dei Macelli 4, in Prato. Estuary Project Space will host the projects of 8 students of the third year of the Visual Arts course

For the third consecutive year the appointment with the Lapislazzuli exhibition returns, which will involve third-year students in the Visual Arts course of the LABA in Florence , coordinated by professors Fabio Cresci, Matteo Innocenti and Eugenia Vanni. The inauguration will take place on Tuesday 25 June at 6 pm, in the spaces of Officina Giovani (in Piazza dei Macelli 4, in Prato).

More than an exhibition, Lapislazzuli is a collective exercise that involves a challenge with the space that hosts it. The event, in fact, wants to be not only a way to involve the works produced during the year by the students, but a moment of reflection on individual choices, relationships with the place and with others.

The space in dialogue for this third edition is Estuario project space , in the Officina Giovani complex. Born at the beginning of 2019, Estuario is a place of sharing: a study for artists, curators, creatives and anyone who wants to bring ideas or contributions. Inside there are workshops on contemporary languages and exhibition processes. From here, the start of a collaboration with the Florence LABA, to give students the opportunity to confront themselves with an activity space and interpret it with their own works, entering the "experience" of the context.

8 students will be exhibiting: Sumina Azzi, Sonia Bukhgalter, Noemi Cammareri, Jomay Fairbairn Chung Mei, Marta Galli, Liu Bingchen, Anna Sofia Poloz and Erika Vita. The exhibition will remain visible until 4 July.

"The title of the project derives from the great symbolic charge possessed by the lapis lazuli blue - the teachers explain -. It is in fact the color par excellence obtained from the processing of this precious stone which, from raw, can be transformed into the pigment that has been used in art for centuries to create works of great value. In this case it becomes a metaphor for human potential, associated with the evolution of students ready to leave the Academy ".


The Free Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, authorized by the Ministry of Education to issue qualifications equivalent to the degree (DM 358 of 30 May 2017), has been active for over 15 years and presents structured academic courses, offering the possibility of obtaining diplomas in five addresses: Photography , Graphic Design & Multimedia, Visual Arts-Painting, Design and Fashion Design. Every year it organizes seminars, workshops and classroom experiences with national and international companies, to further strengthen the link between the world of education and that of work.


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