Tundra Orbit + Magnitude 18 live

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Address: piazza dei Macelli, 4 , Prato

Date: Wednesday 23 January 2019


Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 21:30

Youth Workshop (Piazza dei Macelli 4, 59100 PO)

Free admission

Live concert presented by Santa Valvola Records as part of the "Officina A Valvole" music festival: eight stage dates on the ground with free entry for ten bands that will alternate from January to April 2019 in the events hall of Officina Giovani (Piazza dei Macelli 4) in Prato.

Tundra Orbit
Serena Altavilla - Voice
Davide Mollo - Guitar
Leonardo Baggiani - Basso & live electronics
Donald Renda - Battery & sample

Three elements, one unique zodiac sign. Sound is astral: psychedelia and electronics blend with natural sounds in an elliptical orbit that touches different styles, drawing from different genres without absorbing the clichés, but enriching them, on the contrary with a good dose of inventiveness and improvisation. Donald Renda, Leonardo Baggiani and Davide Mollo know how to create a surreal atmosphere, which combines melodies and dreamy soundscapes with layers of intersection between impetus with pronounced traits and impalpable harmonies that represent the focal point of most of the pieces. The lyrics are by Serena Altavilla (baby blue, caliber 35, mariposa), and Marco Zampoli.

Magnitude 18 The debut of the first band released by the Kolam - Rock School.


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