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Address: Via Cavour 3 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Thursday 02 July 2020


The photographic exhibition will reopen from Thursday 2 July in Florence

Peterson - Lavine
Come as you are
Kurt Cobain and the Grunge Revolution
Palazzo Medici Riccardi - via Cavour, 1 - Florence

Press preview Monday 11 June at 11 am
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Download video / photos and interview with the curator Vittoria Mainoldi
(high resolution photos available on request)

Inaugurated last March and immediately closed for the coronavirus emergency, the photographic exhibition “Peterson - Lavine reopens Thursday 2 July. Come as you are: Kurt Cobain and the Grunge Revolution ”, at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence.

You can visit the exhibition until 18 October, on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10.30 / 18.30, in full compliance with the safety measures (remember the mask).

Curated by ONO contemporary art, the exhibition is organized and promoted by OEO Firenze Art and Le Nozze di Figaro, in collaboration with MUS.E and with the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Florence and the Municipality of Florence.

Peterson - Lavine. Come as you are: Kurt Cobain and the Grunge Revolution ”is a journey through the history of the grunge music scene and that of its hero, Kurt Cobain, a symbol of American counterculture of the late twentieth century.

The exhibition presents over 80 photos, including some unpublished, by Charles Peterson and Michael Lavine, proposed in an unusual combination that immerses the public in the fascination of those extraordinary years, in which fans were an integral part of a musical revolution, and gives us back a now intimate now iconic portrait of the leader of a group that has marked the history of contemporary rock.

"To tell the adventure of Kurt Cobain, Nirvana and grunge we chose the photographs of Michael Lavine and Charles Peterson - explains Vittoria Mainoldi, curator of the exhibition for ONO contemporary art - not only because they are some of the most iconic but also because , better than anyone else, their works return what was the cultural climate in the mythical Seattle of the 90s. The exhibition itinerary, which perfectly interpenetrates Peterson's black and white with Lavine's pop colors, follows what is the chronology of the band, starting from the early years, when Chad Channing was in place of drummer Dave Grohl, up to those of international success to end with a section dedicated to other bands that populated the grunge music scene "

"In the midst of all the chaos of a live concert, I wanted to find it as a sense of grace, I wanted people to experience what it was like to be there: sweat, noise, being crushed the only ones against others."
(Charles Peterson)

Peterson, using a personal style, creates his own unmistakable trademark: his flashes, very powerful to be able to pierce the darkness of the clubs, are able to isolate the subjects in a classic and iconic way at the same time; his is a Cobain portrayed in intimate and revealing images like the one taken on the stage of the historic Reading Festival in the UK in August '92 when the singer, whose precarious psychophysical conditions were already rumored, showed up on the stage in a wheelchair , performing in one of the most memorable shows in the group's history.

Or the one, on display like the previous one, from '92 that sees him together with his daughter, in front of the elements of a collage representing models of human fetuses on an expanse of lilies and orchids, an idea that inspired him then the realization of the back cover of the album In Utero. Charles Peterson was called by Kurt to immortalize the artwork of the collage, sketched on the floor of his house in Seattle, but the photographer did not miss the opportunity to photograph Kurt and Francis Bean, right in front of all those scattered elements on the floor.

"Looking back on it, it is exceptional how I started as a kid with a camera in the middle of nowhere and ended up with the great privilege of witnessing and documenting such an important and strong piece of rock history."
(Michael Lavine)

Lavine immortalizes the group in the studio from the months of their first formation, until the years of worldwide success, when his wife Courtney Love was next to the band leader. Distinguished by a completely unusual, pop and glossy style, Lavine has been highly appreciated since his first photographic works and was immediately commissioned to perform services for the covers of famous music albums. Californian by birth, arrived in Seattle in the early 90s, Lavine befriends many of the members of the grunge scene bands, and above all with Kurt Cobain, which allows him to capture images of Nirvana in the various moments of their brief but intense musical history, just a few days before the death of Cobain himself.

The photos on display of the photo sessions for the promotion of the albums "Nevermind" and "In Utero" are iconic. These shots, which have become a symbol of an era, are a real visual recording of the group, which the photographer accompanies in the studio in all the different moments of his parable, up to a few days after the disappearance of its leader. Lavine is able to capture images of a world that would soon disappear, especially after the dramatic death of Kurt Cobain and the end of Nirvana.

In November 1993 Nirvana recorded an acoustic concert, the famous MTV Unplugged, but at the end of the year Cobain's conditions worsened drastically. Despite this, the band left in early 1994 for a new European tour, which was however abruptly interrupted on March 4, in Rome, when Courtney Love found her unconscious husband in the hotel room. The band returns immediately to the United States, where Cobain begins a rehabilitation in the clinic that lasts only a week. After another week of hiding, on April 8, 1994, Cobain is found dead at his Seattle home: a shot in the head and a farewell letter.

The exhibition, which thanks to the background music selection allows visitors to listen to the most significant pieces of the grunge movement, ends with a section entirely dedicated to the other exponents of the Seattle scene including Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, thus immortalizing not only the epic of a group but the atmospheres of a highly significant period in recent American history.

Peterson - Lavine. Come as you are: Kurt Cobain and the Grunge Revolution ”is scheduled from Thursday 2 July to Sunday 18 October at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, via Cavour, 1 - Florence. Hours: 10.30 / 18.30. Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Tickets: full 10 euros, reduced 6 euros, free for young people up to 17 years. Info tel. 055 0946163 - 055 2760552, , , .

Press preview Monday 11 June at 11 am

Please confirm your kind presence a -

Download video / photos and interview with the curator Vittoria Mainoldi
(high resolution photos available on request)

WHEN from 2nd July to 18th October 2020
WHERE Palazzo Medici Riccardi - via Cavour, 1 - Florence
TIMETABLES 10.30 / 18.30 (Tuesday and Wednesday closed). Ticket office closes at 5.30pm
COST TICKET full 10 euros, reduced 6 euros, free for young people up to 17 years
INFO , ,
TEL Palazzo Medici +39 055 2760552;
TEL OEOFirenzeArt +39 055 0946163
TEL OEOFirenzeArt +39 055 0946163

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