"Restless" by Gus Van Sant inaugurates the outdoor cinema festival

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Address: piazza della libertà 45 , Florence

Date: Tuesday 25 June 2019


From Tuesday 25 June to Tuesday 23 July in piazza Libertà, 12 (free admission)

"Restless" by Gus Van Sant inaugurates

the outdoor cinema festival at the Parterre

The review entitled "Cineamour" is curated by the young Florentine writer and director Lorenzo Borghini.

Scheduled every Tuesday until July 23: Ferro 3 by Kim Ki-duk (3/07); Only the lovers survive of Jim Jim Jarmusch (9/07); Her by Spike Jonze (16/07); 2046 by Wong Kar-wai (23/07)

" Restless " by director Gus Van Sant will open tomorrow, Tuesday 25 June , at the " Cineamour " open-air cinema festival at Parterre Firenze , the new summer space returned to new life in piazza della Libertà, 12 (9 pm). The event, which will propose a title every Tuesday until July 23, is curated by the young Florentine writer and director Lorenzo Borghini.

"I had already had in mind for some time a review that showed films with a love story behind them but where love served to talk about something else, great universal themes" - declares Lorenzo Borghini, curator of the exhibition (formerly director artistic at the Florence Short Film Festival). Cineamour is the cinema of love, but also the love of cinema: an exhibition that presents 5 films in which love helps to explore the unknown corners of the human soul in a five week long bridge.

The film proposal will address some of the great themes of human life such as: adolescent love, illness and mourning in Restless - Gus Van Sant (25/06); love beyond the Iron 3 space of Kim Ki-duk (3/07); love beyond time in Solo lovers survive by Jim Jarmush (9/07); love and artificial intelligence in Her by Spike Jones (16/07) and finally the impossibility of love in 2046 by Wong Kar-wai (23/07).

The Parterre arena will be open every day from 11am to midnight, with a cultural proposal that ranges from concerts to exhibitions, from vintage markets to DJ sets, to children's workshops and a skate park. Moreover, every evening, from 7 to 11 pm you can choose from a wide gastronomic offer within the arena: from pizza to burgers, from lampredotto to seafood specialties with a selection of the best beers and cocktails.

For information : tel 333 3333237 - write to the email parterre.firenze@gmail.com - FB page https://www.facebook.com/parterrefirenze/ - Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/parterrefirenze/


Restless by Gus Van Sant (2011)

Annabel Cotton is a terminally ill teenager of cancer who loves life intensely and the world of nature. Enoch Brae is a boy who has isolated himself from the world since he lost his parents in an accident. When the two meet at a funeral ceremony, they discover they share a lot in their personal experience of the world.

Iron 3 by Kim Ki-duk (2004)

Presented at the 61st Venice International Film Festival, the film tells of a boy who has the habit of breaking into the homes of others and living there as if he were the master: he takes care of plants, washes dirty clothes, dishes, he repairs the broken objects, leaving before the owners return, to then move on to another house. In one of the houses where she is introduced, she does not notice the presence of Sun-hwa, a young woman victim of a violent husband.

Only lovers survive by Jim Jarmush (2014)

Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are the vampire lovers protagonists of this sentimental film. Adam is an underground musician, severely depressed due to the turn his human life is taking, despite his efforts. He then returns to partner with his enigmatic lover, Eve, with whom he has shared several centuries of love. But their idyll is interrupted by the arrival of the wild and unpredictable sister of Eve, Ava.

Her by Spike Jones (2014)

Winner of the 2014 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay "Her" tells of Theodore (played by Joaquin Phoenix) a solitary man with a broken heart who makes his living writing "personal" letters for others. When buying a new generation computer system, named Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) designed to meet all the user's needs, Theodore and Samantha's relationship will grow and friendship will turn into love.

2046 by Wong Kar-wai (2004)

2046 is a place, a time, a book, the number of a hotel room? A writer, destroyed by the disappointment of having lost the only love of his life, he looks in the memory and in the other women for shreds of the woman he will never have again.


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