Places in Florence and surroundings

TERRAZZA TWIST MARTINI last update on 24.04.2019 Dinners and aperitifs with DJ set, open from Thursday to Saturday, adjacent to the nightclub Otel » Titty Twister Club last update on 24.04.2019 A new eclectic and heterogeneous club, a gathering point where to drink and listen to good music » TENAX last update on 24.04.2019 Disco » Combo last update on 24.04.2019 Music and Social Club » Auditorium FLOG last update on 24.04.2019 Auditorium, concerts, festivals and dance » Mandela Forum last update on 24.04.2019 sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and meetings, shows, meetings and parties » Cafè 19.26 last update on 24.04.2019 Bistrot » LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO last update on 24.04.2019 Literary cafe » Cycle Club last update on 24.04.2019 Concert Hall, Meeting Testing and Registration » OFFICINA GIOVANI PRATO last update on 24.04.2019 cultural center » FORTEZZA DA BASSO - FIRENZE last update on 24.04.2019 the location number 1 of Florence » Enotria last update on 24.04.2019 Winebar Ristorante Enoteca » Il Contro last update on 24.04.2019 Club acsi that offers music, especially live » Teatro del Borgo last update on 22.04.2019 theatrical and musical events and other socio-cultural activities » Il Buio Club last update on 22.04.2019 Concerts, Theme Parties, Parties and much more ... »
Teatro La Fonte last update on 21.04.2019 2015-2016 season hosts the exhibition of the International Theatre Center JOURNEY THROUGH TIME » Glass Globe last update on 21.04.2019 Disco » Teatro Puccini last update on 21.04.2019 theater » Teatro Del Sale last update on 21.04.2019 good taste Theatre » Dome last update on 20.04.2019 Dome is the local brand new aperitif in the historic center of Florence » Hard Rock Cafe last update on 17.04.2019 Pubs with live music » Club 21 last update on 17.04.2019 Local historian in the center of Florence » A...LO STRAVAGANTE ristorante last update on 16.04.2019 THE TERRACE OF THE MUGNONE CARMINE MASTROIANNI: GOOD WINE MEAT FISH VEGETARIAN AND ART » RISTORANTE SANTA ELISABETTA last update on 16.04.2019 Restaurant located on the 1st floor of the Tower Pagliazza, intimate and charming atmosphere » Osteria Pagliazza last update on 16.04.2019 Tuscan cuisine » Otel Varietè Firenze last update on 16.04.2019 ... There's a reason! » Space Club Firenze last update on 16.04.2019 Open every night » Enoteca SeiDivino! dal 2003 last update on 15.04.2019 Wine & Cocktail and much more .... » Assemblea SullaStessaBarca last update on 10.04.2019 university group and young workers » Il Rifrullo last update on 02.04.2019 The first American bar in Florence » MELABEVO Firenze last update on 29.03.2019 SHOTTERIA and COCKTAIL house » Teatro Comunale di Antella last update on 26.03.2019 Antella Municipal Theatre, direction Archetype » ristorante La Maremma di Firenze last update on 23.01.2019 restaurant in the center of Florence, near the Green Theatre in the holy cross. specialties: steak » kitsch last update on 25.07.2018 The best appetizer of Florence! » Ristorante Borgo San Jacopo last update on 17.07.2018 exclusive restaurant overlooking the Ponte Vecchio » La Bottega del Buon Caffè last update on 01.03.2018 Michellin star restaurant of Tuscan tradition » Winter Garden by Caino last update on 14.02.2018 A Michelin star experience in the heart of Florence » Penelope Contemporary Food last update on 02.02.2018 A Journey in Taste, a discovery of flavors, an Odyssey of Emotions » Il Colle è - ristorante a Barberino last update on 13.12.2017 Tuscan restaurant and food market » Ora d'Aria last update on 21.05.2017 Starred Restaurant » Il Palagio last update on 21.05.2017 Restaurant Stellato » La leggenda dei frati last update on 21.05.2017 Starred Restaurant » Ristorante La Torre last update on 21.05.2017 Michelin starred Restaurant » Ristorante Il Santo Graal last update on 08.03.2016 Tradition and Innovation » Trattoria Angiolino last update on 20.02.2016 Trattoria with typical Tuscan country home cooking » Ristorante il Guscio last update on 20.02.2016 traditional Tuscan restaurant » Touch Florence last update on 20.02.2016 The dining in Florence changes face ... » BUCA 10 last update on 23.04.2019 Wine-Bar and Space Event » Teatro delle arti di Lastra a Signa last update on 22.04.2019 Music Theatre Cinema » VIPER THEATRE last update on 21.04.2019 Discteca - Concerts Space »
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