Cocktail Bars in Florence and surroundings

Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "drink". The places at the top are those updated more recently.

Asmana last update on 19.07.2018 spa, pool bar » Rari Bar Bistrot last update on 18.07.2018 A historic site reborn to new life » Utopiko last update on 18.07.2018 summer event » OFF Bar - Lago dei Cigni last update on 18.07.2018 Local Summer at the Fortezza da Basso » LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO last update on 18.07.2018 Literary cafe » Flò Lounge Bar last update on 17.07.2018 Local summer overlooking Florence » Blanco Beach Club last update on 17.07.2018 Beach Beach Bar » Summer Suite last update on 15.07.2018 Local summer, apericena every night » LED - Il Boschetto d'Estate last update on 14.07.2018 Aperitif - Live Concert - Theme events » Il Rifrullo last update on 13.07.2018 The first American bar in Florence » B-ROOF last update on 12.07.2018 Exclusive location for dinners and events in the center of Florence » Giardino Dell'ArteCultura last update on 11.07.2018 live music, exhibitions, exhibitions, screenings, picnics and apericena theme! » Relais Le Jardin last update on 03.07.2018 Restaurant Urban Garden » kitsch last update on 04.04.2018 The best appetizer of Florence! » TOWER BAR - Torre della Pagliazza last update on 19.07.2018 lounge Bar »
Volume last update on 18.07.2018 Coffee Library Museum » Le Pavoniere last update on 18.07.2018 Restaurant, Pizzeria, Cocktail Bar » Wood music garden last update on 18.07.2018 Wood is ... Food & Drink, Music and Art » Cafè 19.26 last update on 17.07.2018 Bistrot » Hard Rock Cafe last update on 17.07.2018 Pubs with live music » Caffè Concerto Paszkowski last update on 16.07.2018 Historic café in Florence, with live music and artistic events » Manduca Firenze last update on 14.07.2018 Show & Bistros » Hidron last update on 13.07.2018 Fitness Center, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Nightclub » Strizzi Garden last update on 12.07.2018 Cocktail bar & events » Enotria last update on 12.07.2018 Winebar Ristorante Enoteca » TREND CAFFE' last update on 08.07.2018 American Bar Pub in the historic district of Campo di Marte » Easy living last update on 06.07.2018 Arno beach » Limonaia di Villa Strozzi last update on 04.07.2018 Event Space in Florence » The Blob Club last update on 04.07.2018 Music - Cocktail » Circolo Enrico Rigacci last update on 04.07.2018 cultural social club Arci » Caffè Decò Music Hall last update on 04.07.2018 Restaurant and bar with live music » Baraka Cafè last update on 03.07.2018 Café bars, quick lunches, music lounge cocktail bar » Saladier Vinci last update on 28.06.2018 Location Immersed among the olive trees and vineyards of Vinci. Ideal for events » Forte di Belvedere last update on 28.06.2018 museum space with café bar every day from 18.30 performs aperitif and theme nights. » ONE EYED JACK last update on 28.06.2018 Rock Bar » Stadio del Bisenzio Signa last update on 27.06.2018 Disorder live-songwriter Stefano Del Rosso » Sabor Cubano last update on 27.06.2018 Var Cubano in Florence » Glance Hotel In Florence last update on 25.06.2018 Sky Breeze Roof Top Bar » B-SIDE last update on 25.06.2018 From aperitif until late at night » Caffe.Desiderio last update on 22.06.2018 wine bar bistro, paper selection of strictly artisan wines and beers » MELABEVO Firenze last update on 18.06.2018 SHOTTERIA and COCKTAIL house » INTERNET POINT FIRENZE ((IMPATTO point)) last update on 16.06.2018 IMPATTO POINT VIA MARTIRI DEL POPOLO 44R FIRENZE » NEM - Nuovi Eventi Musicali last update on 13.06.2018 Organization and production of cultural events Florence » CLUB TWENTYONE last update on 13.06.2018 a local gem in the historic center of Florence » GIUBBE ROSSE last update on 13.06.2018 Historical Literary Coffee » La Ménagère last update on 13.06.2018 Concept-restaurant in Florence » Otel Varietè Firenze last update on 08.06.2018 ... There's a reason! » Off The Hook last update on 08.06.2018 Beer & Food » Ditta Artigianale last update on 07.06.2018 Coffee bars and Gin Bar » La Citè last update on 04.06.2018 Cafè library »
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Saturday 23 December 2017 for dinner at the Winter Garden restaurant by Caino in the center of Florence go»
Dinner at Touch, Friday, August 18, 2017: one of our favorite restaurants in Florence go»
Friday, August 11, 2017 a great Indian dinner at Haveli Restaurant in Florence go»
Thursday 10th August 2017 for dinner for a great sushi at the Zushi restaurant in Florence go»
Thursday July 20, 2017, a night walk in the beautiful summer Florence go»
Thursday July 20, 2017, a night walk in the beautiful summer Florence go»
Thursday, July 20, 2017 at Lungarno 23 for a quality Hamburger! go»
June 26, 2017, opening ceremony of the B-ROOF in Florence go»