Cocktail Bars in Florence and surroundings

Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "drink". The places at the top are those updated more recently.

BUCA 10 last update on 28.01.2020 Wine-Bar and Space Event » Cafè 19.26 last update on 28.01.2020 Bistrot » Hard Rock Cafe last update on 28.01.2020 Pubs with live music » LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO last update on 28.01.2020 Literary cafe » CLUB TWENTYONE last update on 28.01.2020 a local gem in the historic center of Florence » La Citè last update on 28.01.2020 Cafè library » B-ROOF last update on 27.01.2020 Exclusive location for dinners and events in the center of Florence » RUBACONTE RISTORANTE PIZZERIA last update on 25.01.2020 Tuscan cuisine and pizzeria » TERRAZZA MARTINI COCKTAIL FIRENZE last update on 23.01.2020 Dinners and aperitifs with DJ set, open from Thursday to Saturday, adjacent to the nightclub Otel » Otel Varietè Firenze last update on 23.01.2020 ... There's a reason! » MELABEVO Firenze last update on 21.01.2020 SHOTTERIA and COCKTAIL house » Il Salottino de La Loggetta last update on 19.01.2020 Concertini space inside the Circolo Arci La Loggetta » Dome last update on 18.01.2020 Dome is the local brand new aperitif in the historic center of Florence » Le Palace - Prato last update on 09.01.2020 Multifunctional and metamorphic space adaptable to events and projects defined or to be developed » Winter Suite last update on 06.01.2020 Winter Suite, new local south Florence, for an adult audience. Aperitif, dinner, disco! »
Bamboo Lounge Club last update on 02.01.2020 The new must Florentine night. Drink and VIP room by appointment, DJ sets, theme nights. » JJ CATHEDRAL IRISH PUB last update on 30.12.2019 If you love beer, you can not not go and visit! 10 types of beer on tap! » Il Rifrullo last update on 29.10.2019 The first American bar in Florence » kitsch last update on 25.07.2018 The best appetizer of Florence! » Vanilla Club last update on 28.01.2020 Speakeasy Cocktail Bar » Jazz Club Firenze last update on 25.01.2020 Open from 22:00 until 5:00 » FULL UP last update on 25.01.2020 house glamor clubs » Ditta Artigianale last update on 24.01.2020 Coffee bars and Gin Bar » Volume last update on 23.01.2020 Coffee Library Museum » PINOCCHIO JAZZ LIVE last update on 22.01.2020 Jazz Club » GLUE last update on 17.01.2020 Alternative Concept Space » VILLA LE PAVONIERE Firenze last update on 14.01.2020 MANGANARA FLORENCE » Tasso Hostel last update on 09.01.2020 Hostel, lounge bars, live music, cocktail bar, cocktail » Limonaia di Villa Strozzi last update on 04.01.2020 Event Space in Florence » Prato City last update on 04.01.2020 Cocktail bar at 360 degrees » Strizzi Garden last update on 02.01.2020 Cocktail bar & events » Roses Ristorante last update on 27.12.2019 Restaurant with excellent Italian cuisine and wines. Friendly atmosphere for lunch, dinner, drink. » Enotria last update on 24.12.2019 Winebar Ristorante Enoteca » Hidron last update on 20.12.2019 Fitness Center, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Nightclub » TOWER BAR - Torre della Pagliazza last update on 06.12.2019 lounge Bar » PLAZ last update on 26.11.2019 Cocktail Bar, Restaurant, Crepes, Pizza, Sky TV » LED - Il Boschetto d'Estate last update on 26.11.2019 Aperitif - Live Concert - Theme events » Rex Café last update on 25.11.2019 american bar » Red Garter last update on 19.11.2019 Karaoke, American Bar, Steakhouse » Eby's Bar last update on 08.11.2019 in a warm tropical environment, including fresh fruit cocktails and Mexican sandwiches at all hours » Colle Bereto last update on 31.10.2019 American bar and restaurant » The Blob Club last update on 29.10.2019 Music - Cocktail » La Ménagère last update on 29.10.2019 Concept-restaurant in Florence » Caffè Concerto Paszkowski last update on 29.10.2019 Historic café in Florence, with live music and artistic events » M.C.L. "Il Gorinello" last update on 26.10.2019 Bar-theater-meeting » GIRASOL DISCO DINNER ristorante pizzeria last update on 21.10.2019 GREAT PIZZA FLORENCE @ DRINK and DANCE! your party is here !! » Flò Lounge Bar last update on 28.09.2019 Local summer overlooking Florence » Moyo last update on 28.09.2019 Aperitif / Dinner / DJset / » VILLA VITTORIA Firenze last update on 20.09.2019 VILLA VITTORIA - FLORENCE » Blanco Beach Club last update on 20.09.2019 Beach Beach Bar »
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