Cocktail Bars in Florence and surroundings

Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "drink". The places at the top are those updated more recently.

Korner Kaffè last update on 06.06.2017 Korner Kaffè » San Right last update on 22.05.2017 the coolest party in San Giusto! San Right! » Green Stage Heineken last update on 17.05.2017 American bar brewery » Cargo last update on 10.05.2017 Club » Le Muse Ristorante & Lounge Bar last update on 21.04.2017 Restaurant and Lounge Bar » MIX last update on 20.04.2017 Appetizers, Dinners and Cocktail Bar in Sesto Fiorentino » Curtatone Cafè last update on 20.04.2017 Bar Café Pastry in the heart of Florence, from 1937 » Chillax lounge bar last update on 30.03.2017 warm and welcoming place. » Hemingway last update on 24.03.2017 Handmade chocolate tasting, coffee, tea, wine and spirits copyright » Be Bop last update on 23.03.2017 Live Music - Cocktail Bar - Brewery » Salamanca last update on 12.03.2017 Spanish restaurant » Nabucco wine bar and food last update on 28.02.2017 Wine Bar and Food » Circolo Rigacci last update on 24.02.2017 circle ARCI » otium last update on 19.02.2017 Cocktail Bar Brewery » INSOMNIA CLUB last update on 19.02.2017 Not only cocktail bar not only Club! »
PESCEROSSO last update on 24.01.2017 Located downtown in the historic square where stands the imposing Arc de Triomphe, the Square » insomniaclub last update on 16.01.2017 insomnia club » Casa del Popolo - Impruneta last update on 06.01.2017 ARCI » La Villetta last update on 15.12.2016 The villa is new and elegant terrace of Florence, reserved for an adult audience. » Modo Wine Bar last update on 12.12.2016 For a drink in the Sant'Ambrogio area » Il Chiosco - Certaldo last update on 02.12.2016 Food, Drinks & Parties » Mania Carioca Firenze last update on 01.12.2016 Brazilian restaurant » Bar Il Sole last update on 25.11.2016 Local affordable for everyone, with a young and friendly staff » SHOT CAFE' FIRENZE last update on 23.11.2016 The Shot Cafe is located in Via dei Pucci 5, 50 meters from the Dome. » EX3 - Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea last update on 22.11.2016 innovative local, open space for contemporary art and avant-garde music » Enoteca Sant'Ambrogio Caffè last update on 21.11.2016 Aperitifs and drinks in Sant'Ambrogio » LOWENGRUBE last update on 16.10.2016 Typical Bavarian restaurant-brewery » Yummy Yummy Bar Restaurant last update on 11.10.2016 New restaurant in Florence, characterized by an imprint young and elegant » GANZO Art Gallery last update on 05.10.2016 FLY is an educational workshop and open to the public » PAN.GO.RO. last update on 03.10.2016 in the heart of San Frediano !!! » Il Giardino Del The - Prato last update on 30.09.2016 by The Room » Galisia show dinner last update on 20.09.2016 restaurant disco » Deja Vu Cafè last update on 15.09.2016 Cocktail bars, pubs » Viktoria Lounge Bar last update on 01.09.2016 Lounge Bar in the historic center of Florence » Note Di Vino - NoteDiVino last update on 01.09.2016 Enoteca WineBar gourmet corner » Gallery Cafè Art Bar last update on 01.09.2016 Drinks & appetizers in the historic center of Florence » Montecarla Club last update on 01.09.2016 Perhaps the most local of Florence Kitsch » PANTHEON LOUNGE BAR last update on 01.09.2016 lounge bar, pub » OFF CINEMA last update on 22.08.2016 OFF CINEMA "is a film event under the patronage of the Municipality within OFF BAR. » Ostras Beach - Marina di Pietrasanta last update on 06.08.2016 Beach Club » CAFFETTERIA RIMANI FIRENZE last update on 04.08.2016 STAY » Harpastum café last update on 30.07.2016 sports pub's bar american bar » Shisha Florence last update on 18.07.2016 The first Hookah Bar in Florence .. As well as the best:> » Astor Cafè last update on 18.07.2016 Cocktail bar in Piazza Duomo » Tre Lire - Ristorante & Lounge Cafe' last update on 12.07.2016 Specialties of meat and fish. In the Lounge cafe we ​​organize aperitifs and apericene Buffet » Circolo La Rinascita San Piero a Ponti last update on 25.06.2016 A circle of life » Ciak Club last update on 17.06.2016 Bar Club Disco » Luci al Piazzale last update on 05.06.2016 Restaurant - American bar - tennis club » Caffè de' Pinti last update on 25.05.2016 Cafeteria, Confectionery, Wine bar, Appetizers & Apericena, Events & Private Parties, Free Wifi access » Shot Café last update on 12.05.2016 Pub »
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