Cocktail Bars in Florence and surroundings

Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "drink". The places at the top are those updated more recently.

rusticheria last update on 12.05.2016 wine-bar - sandwich » OLD SCHOOL PUB - Poggio a Caiano last update on 11.05.2016 Beers, mixed drinks, music, pizza, hot dogs, burgers and much more .. !!!! » su alma bistrot last update on 21.04.2016 From 8 until late at night, if you want to drink, eat, hear live music ..... come and visit us !!!! » circolo arci PONTEROTTO last update on 07.04.2016 Ponterotto is a place where "the music bands play there wool" » GANZO last update on 05.04.2016 school-restaurant » BAR IL GOBBO last update on 03.03.2016 COCKTAIL LOUNGE » Caffè Bar La Posta last update on 29.02.2016 Coffee bar tobacco » Caffè Lorenzo - Prato last update on 18.02.2016 Breakfasts, brunches, lunches ... RUMBA !! » The Goose Bistro last update on 16.02.2016 Bistro » MIRO' lounge bar last update on 10.02.2016 Lounge bar in the heart of the Florentine nightlife offering coocktail, aperitifs and dinners with music. » CAFE' DE PARIS last update on 17.01.2016 cocktail bar » Golden View last update on 09.01.2016 Restaurant and cocktail bar with a breathtaking view of the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio. » Cloud 59 last update on 29.12.2015 American Bar » Natale Al Piazzale last update on 28.12.2015 Restaurant & Cocktail Bar » Full Up last update on 24.12.2015 club lounge »
TENUTA LA QUERCIOLA //EX-CDD last update on 20.12.2015 Set on the shores of a private lake adjacent to a nature park » Pizzino Caffè last update on 20.12.2015 Local dedicated to casual food! Pizzas, Arabic bread, muffins, coffee, pastries and other goodies » La Bottega di Tobbiana last update on 10.12.2015 Rstorante Pizzeria Snacks » Fuego Locale Cubano last update on 30.11.2015 PIZZERIA - RESTAURANT - DISCOPUB » Velvet last update on 27.11.2015 former CLOSER » N5 Chalet last update on 26.11.2015 Restaurant with typical Tuscan dishes and not, American Bar and original pizzeria !!! » CIRCOLO RINASCITA last update on 25.11.2015 Pizzeria Griglieria » PISKO LATIN CLUB last update on 13.11.2015 MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO ALL THOSE WHO WANT TO SPEND THE BEST LATIN NIGHT » L'ISLE SAINT-LOUIS last update on 26.10.2015 Artistic cultural center cafe restaurant » Circolo del tennis-sanquirichino last update on 15.10.2015 restaurant-pizzeria-pool » bardadieci last update on 01.10.2015 breakfasts, lunches and aperitifs » Harrys Bar - Firenze last update on 30.09.2015 Restaurant - American bar » James Café last update on 15.09.2015 Wine and cocktail bar brewery » Ristorante Bar Salumeria Gennaro last update on 06.08.2015 fresh pasta, fried brace and more. » Chalet Raticosa last update on 05.08.2015 The stop for excellence motorcyclists Emiliani and Toscani » Nuovo Camarillo (Prato) last update on 27.07.2015 circle arch » Fellini Fish&Chic last update on 13.07.2015 Sea specialties in Florence » ENOTECA VILLA POGGIO REALE last update on 07.07.2015 The Enoteca craziest of Tuscany, weekly events, dinners, snacks and good wine course » Porto delle Storie last update on 06.07.2015 clubhouse with bar and event space » PARTERRE @ ESTATE @ 2 0 1 5 piazza della liberta' FIRENZE last update on 03.07.2015 PIZZERIA - Latin DISCOTEQUE - IRISH PUB » LA ROTONDA last update on 19.06.2015 PIZZERIA RESTAURANT BUT ALSO ... MUSIC BAR » DECAMERON last update on 05.06.2015 bar restaurant pizzeria » Ideal last update on 04.06.2015 Coffee, Restaurant, American Bar, Events » WARM UP last update on 27.05.2015 lounge bar pizzeria » mayday club last update on 22.05.2015 cocktail bar » IL GOBBOVIOLA last update on 06.05.2015 THE MORE LOCAL 'chameleon FLORENCE » CONTROSENSO CLUB - Prato last update on 08.04.2015 Live Club » greenstage heineken montelupo last update on 29.03.2015 Disco pub » Lochness Bar last update on 24.03.2015 Pub » BAR DRINK ALL last update on 24.02.2015 BAR LOUNGE » Centro Commerciale I GIGLI last update on 23.02.2015 for shopping but also for leisure » TENTAMI co cafè de Paris last update on 19.02.2015 disco upstairs in the VIP ROOM of one of the most famous and exclusive coffee of Florence » Wine Loft last update on 12.02.2015 Wine Bar and Restaurant » The club house last update on 12.01.2015 Ristorante Pizzeria Live Bar » Old stove Signoria last update on 07.01.2015 live sports, live music, sandwiches, pizzas and great beers, all in Piazza della Signoria! »
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