Cocktail Bars in Florence and surroundings

Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "drink". The places at the top are those updated more recently.

Papilla last update on 06.04.2009 homemade ice cream - Franchising » sottosotto last update on 27.01.2009 disco pub » Aperitiviamo last update on 27.01.2009 Appetizer » Associazione Semifonte last update on 15.01.2009 Non-profit association of culture, entertainment, entertainment » Maracana last update on 13.01.2009 disco lounge restaurant » RISTOCAFFE last update on 11.11.2008 DISCOBAR - cultural and community center (affiliated UISP) » Showroom de luxe last update on 31.07.2008 Dinner & Dance » PIGMENTO CAFE last update on 04.06.2008 COCKTAILS BAR » Le Souk last update on 31.05.2008 Cool Club » ONE Lounge & Restaurant (Hotel Londra) last update on 30.04.2008 Restaurant Typical Tuscan Cuisine and Italiana- Garden Interior-Environment Minimalista- Zen Atmosphere » Orient Express last update on 04.04.2008 restaurant, Tuesdays Japanese aperitif » Festa a Villa Gaudia last update on 29.02.2008 Party » beccofino last update on 19.12.2007 restaurant » RISTORANTE PEPERONCINO last update on 17.12.2007 tuscan fusion » soloEMME last update on 13.12.2007 pastry bar aperitifs »
FLORENCE OPEN BAR last update on 16.11.2007 PARADE OF CHARITY » SASC_HALL (ex teatro tenda) last update on 04.10.2007 Element Electronic Music » MECCANO last update on 10.09.2007 Disco-Restaurant » Fi.ESTA Ballet/ippodromo Visarno last update on 21.06.2007 theater, dance, events, and 2 runs perballare » "LE FATE" APERIBAR last update on 28.05.2007 APERI-COCKTAIL BAR » 40watt casa del popolo di Settignano last update on 19.03.2007 acoustic music and electronic experimentation » Gelateria Albizi last update on 05.03.2007 Artisan ice cream » BOCCASCENA last update on 21.02.2007 music & art ristobar » ANDROMEDA last update on 21.01.2007 discoclub, Lounge and American bar » I monello last update on 17.11.2006 Local located in the beautiful hills of Chianti where you can spend evenings right » CAPOCACCIA last update on 05.11.2006 Hip Hop night » JMT - John Martins Tavern last update on 19.10.2006 disco-pub catering » SottoSopra discobar last update on 08.09.2006 American bar & disco » Contromano last update on 14.07.2006 Drink> Music> Food » Ristorante Angels last update on 05.07.2006 A place suspended between past and future, an amazing fusion of lights, colors and styles » BAR...CA A VELA last update on 02.04.2006 Tuscan trattoria » MODO last update on 08.02.2006 multifunctional space, with an American bar, a restaurant, a shop design, a wellness center » blue rose pub last update on 18.10.2005 DiscoLiveMusicPub » the family pub last update on 21.07.2005 pub style Fonzies » chart cafè last update on 12.07.2004 Cocktails, food, music and visual arts » cafè pinar last update on 23.11.2003 Local young, colorful, open every day except Sundays from 7.00am to 2.00am » LYVES last update on 07.11.2003 CAFFE RESTAURANT » sapori deuropa last update on 06.11.2003 wine bar, pasta, salami » habana Cafe. last update on 30.10.2003 Cuba in Florence, Cuban dinner every night and the best mojito de Florence !. »
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