Dining in Florence and surroundings

Where to have dinner in Florence? Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "dining". The restaurants at the top are those updated more recently.

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Florence Garage Cafè last update on 21.02.2018 A Discobar out of the Historic Center at Carport » Winter Suite last update on 21.02.2018 Winter Suite, new local south Florence, for an adult audience. Aperitif, dinner, disco! » Cafè 19.26 last update on 21.02.2018 Bistrot » Red Garter last update on 20.02.2018 Karaoke, American Bar, Steakhouse » YAB DiscoClub last update on 20.02.2018 Disco Restaurant » Hard Rock Cafe last update on 20.02.2018 Pubs with live music » FULL UP last update on 20.02.2018 house glamor clubs » Ditta Artigianale last update on 20.02.2018 Coffee bars and Gin Bar » Da Tito last update on 19.02.2018 Restaurant, Pizzeria, Creperie » RUBACONTE RISTORANTE PIZZERIA last update on 19.02.2018 Tuscan cuisine and pizzeria » PLAZ last update on 19.02.2018 Cocktail Bar, Restaurant, Crepes, Pizza, Sky TV » Eataly Enoteca last update on 19.02.2018 Eat, shop, study » Asmana last update on 18.02.2018 spa, pool bar » Birrificio Artigianale Mastrale last update on 18.02.2018 We produce and sell beer to local and private. And we have the pub with our beers » Teatro Del Sale last update on 17.02.2018 good taste Theatre »
LA TANA DI UGO last update on 16.02.2018 Typical Tuscan cuisine » Teatro La Fonte last update on 16.02.2018 2015-2016 season hosts the exhibition of the International Theatre Center JOURNEY THROUGH TIME » Winter Garden by Caino last update on 14.02.2018 A Michelin star experience in the heart of Florence » Nero di Seppia last update on 14.02.2018 lounge Restaurant » Da Burde last update on 12.02.2018 Tuscan trattoria with wine cellar and wine shop with sommelier » TERRAZZA TWIST MARTINI last update on 07.02.2018 Dinners and aperitifs with DJ set, open from Thursday to Saturday, adjacent to the nightclub Otel » Otel Varietè Firenze last update on 07.02.2018 ... There's a reason! » Penelope Contemporary Food last update on 02.02.2018 A Journey in Taste, a discovery of flavors, an Odyssey of Emotions » Osteria della Pagliazza last update on 02.02.2018 Tuscan cuisine » RISTORANTE SANTA ELISABETTA last update on 02.02.2018 Restaurant located on the 1st floor of the Tower Pagliazza, intimate and charming atmosphere » ristorante La Maremma di Firenze last update on 25.01.2018 restaurant in the center of Florence, near the Green Theatre in the holy cross. specialties: steak » Il Colle è - ristorante a Barberino last update on 13.12.2017 Tuscan restaurant and food market » Ora d'Aria last update on 21.05.2017 Starred Restaurant » Ristorante Borgo San Jacopo last update on 21.05.2017 exclusive restaurant overlooking the Ponte Vecchio » Il Palagio last update on 21.05.2017 Restaurant Stellato » La leggenda dei frati last update on 21.05.2017 Starred Restaurant » La Bottega del Buon Caffè last update on 21.05.2017 Michellin star restaurant of Tuscan tradition » Ristorante La Torre last update on 21.05.2017 Michelin starred Restaurant » Ristorante Il Santo Graal last update on 08.03.2016 Tradition and Innovation » Trattoria Angiolino last update on 20.02.2016 Trattoria with typical Tuscan country home cooking » Ristorante il Guscio last update on 20.02.2016 traditional Tuscan restaurant » Touch Florence last update on 20.02.2016 The dining in Florence changes face ... » Corno DAfrica last update on 18.02.2018 Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine restaurant » Calistro Bistrot last update on 16.02.2018 Casentino Bistrot » Interno3 last update on 16.02.2018 Risto-Disco » Blue Velvet last update on 14.02.2018 Disco Club » Pink Club last update on 13.02.2018 Breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, disco, buffet dinners » BAMBOO Lounge & Club last update on 12.02.2018 Lounge & elegant and exclusive club in Old Town » FINISTERRAE last update on 11.02.2018 Mediterranean restaurant, Pizzeria Napoletana, Confectionery and ice cream parlor » Villa Le Fontanelle last update on 11.02.2018 Valentine's dinner at Candlelight » ristorante indiano&pakistano Zafferano last update on 08.02.2018 Typical Indian cuisine Halal Kitchen » SEIDIVINO last update on 08.02.2018 WINE COCKTAIL BAR » VILLA LE RONDINI last update on 07.02.2018 Restaurant, Lounge Bar, Tea Room » Rivalta Cafe last update on 07.02.2018 Restaurant, nightclub » Saladier Vinci last update on 06.02.2018 Location Immersed among the olive trees and vineyards of Vinci. Ideal for events »