Dining in Florence and surroundings

Where to have dinner in Florence? Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "dining". The restaurants at the top are those updated more recently.

To help you with the choice we have created a "guide into the guide" where we publish our indepentent reviews of restaurants that we try personally and that we like. Visit our guide to restaurants in Florence!

Sciue' Sciue' - Fritto,Pizza&Vegano last update on 17.03.2017 The real Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood oven in Florence. Even the restaurant !! » Salamanca last update on 12.03.2017 Spanish restaurant » Osteria di Giogo last update on 11.03.2017 Tuscan cuisine and ... » James Joyce last update on 08.03.2017 Pub garden in Florence » il barroccio last update on 07.03.2017 Tuscan cuisine, with vegetarian options » Keller Platz (Prato) last update on 01.03.2017 Rock Pub » Osteria dell'Agnolo last update on 01.03.2017 Typical Trattoria Toscana » Nabucco wine bar and food last update on 28.02.2017 Wine Bar and Food » Circolo Rigacci last update on 24.02.2017 circle ARCI » otium last update on 19.02.2017 Cocktail Bar Brewery » Flossy pub - Prato last update on 11.02.2017 Wooden hut nestled in the shade of pine wood equipped for eating and drinking great food and ales » La Loggia last update on 08.02.2017 historic restaurant » GIUBBE ROSSE last update on 03.02.2017 Historical Literary Coffee » Grand Hotel Baglioni - Firenze last update on 26.01.2017 Hotel**** » PESCEROSSO last update on 24.01.2017 Located downtown in the historic square where stands the imposing Arc de Triomphe, the Square »
Lungarno 23 last update on 17.01.2017 High quality hamburger restaurant » insomniaclub last update on 16.01.2017 insomnia club » Villa Castiglione Ristorante in Vino Veritas last update on 28.12.2016 Hotel, Restaurant, Event Space » canto del ramerino last update on 24.12.2016 Restaurant / wine bar » Ristorante IL CAMINETTO DEL CHIANTI last update on 23.12.2016 COUNTRY RESTAURANT » Ristorante Pizzeria i'Daviddino "Little David" last update on 20.12.2016 Ristorante Enoteca Pizzeria Wine Bar Museum of the traditional Tuscan cuisine Wine - Etruscan » The Alchemist Club (Empoli) last update on 17.12.2016 Scottish Singing Pub » La Villetta last update on 15.12.2016 The villa is new and elegant terrace of Florence, reserved for an adult audience. » Ristorante Queen's last update on 11.12.2016 Queen's » acquapazza firenze last update on 09.12.2016 seafood restaurant » NEGRONI last update on 09.12.2016 cocktail bar » Lorenzo de' Medici last update on 05.12.2016 Diving into Renaissance » Enoteca Uva Nera last update on 04.12.2016 Wine bar » LaPolveriera Spazio Comune last update on 04.12.2016 self-managed space » Il Chiosco - Certaldo last update on 02.12.2016 Food, Drinks & Parties » Caffè Fabbricotti last update on 01.12.2016 A Bistrot in the shade of Villa Fabbricotti park. Tuscan cuisine revisited » Casprini Da Omero last update on 01.12.2016 historic restaurant on the passage of the shepherds. » Mania Carioca Firenze last update on 01.12.2016 Brazilian restaurant » Antica trattoria del Turbone last update on 21.11.2016 trattoria / pizzeria Tuscany » Takemura last update on 19.11.2016 Japanese restaurant » Iyo Iyo last update on 16.11.2016 Japanese restaurant » Tomo Sushi last update on 15.11.2016 Japanese restaurant » Enotria last update on 14.11.2016 Winebar Ristorante Enoteca » Wasabi last update on 11.11.2016 Japanese restaurant » Sushi Aurora last update on 02.11.2016 Japanese Take Away » Momoyama last update on 25.10.2016 Japanese restaurant » Satori last update on 21.10.2016 Japanese restaurant » Sakagura last update on 21.10.2016 Japanese restaurant » Hokkaido last update on 21.10.2016 Japanese restaurant » Yoi Yoi last update on 21.10.2016 Japanese restaurant » Rakutei last update on 21.10.2016 Japanese restaurant » Pingusto last update on 21.10.2016 Asian Fusion Restaurant in Florence » Niwa last update on 21.10.2016 Japanese and Thai restaurant » Koto Ramen last update on 21.10.2016 Japanese restaurant » Kome last update on 21.10.2016 Sushi & BBQ Restaurant »