Where to get a drink in Florence and surroundings

Where to get a drink in Florence and surroundings? Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "drink"

Rari Bar Bistrot last update on 22.06.2018 A historic site reborn to new life » Caffe.Desiderio last update on 22.06.2018 wine bar bistro, paper selection of strictly artisan wines and beers » Circolo Enrico Rigacci last update on 22.06.2018 cultural social club Arci » Stadio del Bisenzio Signa last update on 22.06.2018 Disorder live-songwriter Stefano Del Rosso » Cafè 19.26 last update on 22.06.2018 Bistrot » Teatro Romano di Fiesole last update on 22.06.2018 Arena summer » Enotria last update on 22.06.2018 Winebar Ristorante Enoteca » VIRGIN ROCK PUB FIRENZE last update on 21.06.2018 Videos and music hard rock with live shows in the week-end.Panini and delicious platters late into the night. » Blanco Beach Club last update on 21.06.2018 Beach Beach Bar » Flò Lounge Bar last update on 21.06.2018 Local summer overlooking Florence » Utopiko last update on 21.06.2018 summer event » Wood music garden last update on 21.06.2018 Wood is ... Food & Drink, Music and Art » Volume last update on 21.06.2018 Coffee Library Museum » Limonaia di Villa Strozzi last update on 20.06.2018 Event Space in Florence » Da Tito last update on 20.06.2018 Restaurant, Pizzeria, Creperie »
Titty Twister Club last update on 20.06.2018 A new eclectic and heterogeneous club, a gathering point where to drink and listen to good music » Le Pavoniere last update on 20.06.2018 Restaurant, Pizzeria, Cocktail Bar » LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO last update on 20.06.2018 Literary cafe » ONE EYED JACK last update on 20.06.2018 Rock Bar » Manduca Firenze last update on 20.06.2018 Show & Bistros » LED - Il Boschetto d'Estate last update on 18.06.2018 Aperitif - Live Concert - Theme events » Assemblea SullaStessaBarca last update on 18.06.2018 university group and young workers » MELABEVO Firenze last update on 18.06.2018 SHOTTERIA and COCKTAIL house » Asmana last update on 15.06.2018 spa, pool bar » Il Rifrullo last update on 14.06.2018 The first American bar in Florence » RUBACONTE RISTORANTE PIZZERIA last update on 14.06.2018 Tuscan cuisine and pizzeria » NEM - Nuovi Eventi Musicali last update on 13.06.2018 Organization and production of cultural events Florence » M.C.L. "Il Gorinello" last update on 30.05.2018 Bar-theater-meeting » kitsch last update on 04.04.2018 The best appetizer of Florence! » La Bottega del Buon Caffè last update on 01.03.2018 Michellin star restaurant of Tuscan tradition » Strizzi Garden last update on 18.06.2018 Cocktail bar & events » B-ROOF last update on 18.06.2018 Exclusive location for dinners and events in the center of Florence » Relais Le Jardin last update on 18.06.2018 Restaurant Urban Garden » Summer Suite last update on 18.06.2018 Local summer, apericena every night » Glance Hotel In Florence last update on 18.06.2018 Sky Breeze Roof Top Bar » CPA last update on 18.06.2018 popular self-managed center » Caffè Concerto Paszkowski last update on 18.06.2018 Historic café in Florence, with live music and artistic events » INTERNET POINT FIRENZE ((IMPATTO point)) last update on 16.06.2018 IMPATTO POINT VIA MARTIRI DEL POPOLO 44R FIRENZE » Hard Rock Cafe last update on 15.06.2018 Pubs with live music » Hidron last update on 15.06.2018 Fitness Center, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Nightclub » Fiorino sull'Arno last update on 14.06.2018 summer clearance » CLUB TWENTYONE last update on 13.06.2018 a local gem in the historic center of Florence » THE HIDDEN PUB last update on 13.06.2018 SKY football matches, free wifi, live music, indoor hall » GIUBBE ROSSE last update on 13.06.2018 Historical Literary Coffee » La Ménagère last update on 13.06.2018 Concept-restaurant in Florence » Saladier Scandicci last update on 13.06.2018 Saladier - The shop of good products - Trattoria dell'ortolano » Babylon Club last update on 11.06.2018 Disco bar » Circolo Arci Il Progresso last update on 10.06.2018 bars, concerts / theater room » Otel Varietè Firenze last update on 08.06.2018 ... There's a reason! » Eataly Enoteca last update on 08.06.2018 Eat, shop, study »
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