Where to get a drink in Florence and surroundings

Where to get a drink in Florence and surroundings? Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "drink"

Il Salottino de La Loggetta last update on 19.10.2019 Concertini space inside the Circolo Arci La Loggetta » Hard Rock Cafe last update on 18.10.2019 Pubs with live music » Cafè 19.26 last update on 18.10.2019 Bistrot » Auditorium FLOG last update on 18.10.2019 Auditorium, concerts, festivals and dance » Space Club Firenze last update on 18.10.2019 Open every night » Assemblea SullaStessaBarca last update on 18.10.2019 university group and young workers » TERRAZZA TWIST MARTINI last update on 17.10.2019 Dinners and aperitifs with DJ set, open from Thursday to Saturday, adjacent to the nightclub Otel » Otel Varietè Firenze last update on 17.10.2019 ... There's a reason! » Dome last update on 16.10.2019 Dome is the local brand new aperitif in the historic center of Florence » RUBACONTE RISTORANTE PIZZERIA last update on 15.10.2019 Tuscan cuisine and pizzeria » TOWER BAR - Torre della Pagliazza last update on 03.10.2019 lounge Bar » MELABEVO Firenze last update on 02.10.2019 SHOTTERIA and COCKTAIL house » Il Rifrullo last update on 29.04.2019 The first American bar in Florence » kitsch last update on 25.07.2018 The best appetizer of Florence! » La Bottega del Buon Caffè last update on 01.03.2018 Michellin star restaurant of Tuscan tradition »
Titty Twister Club last update on 19.10.2019 A new eclectic and heterogeneous club, a gathering point where to drink and listen to good music » GLUE last update on 18.10.2019 Alternative Concept Space » Circolo Arci Il Progresso last update on 18.10.2019 bars, concerts / theater room » Volume last update on 16.10.2019 Coffee Library Museum » Bamboo Lounge Club last update on 15.10.2019 The new must Florentine night. Drink and VIP room by appointment, DJ sets, theme nights. » Colle Bereto last update on 12.10.2019 American bar and restaurant » OFFICINA GIOVANI PRATO last update on 12.10.2019 cultural center » Rex Café last update on 09.10.2019 american bar » FULL UP last update on 04.10.2019 house glamor clubs » CLUB TWENTYONE last update on 04.10.2019 a local gem in the historic center of Florence » Babylon Club last update on 04.10.2019 Disco bar » Jazz Club Firenze last update on 04.10.2019 Open from 22:00 until 5:00 » The Alchemist Club (Empoli) last update on 04.10.2019 Scottish Singing Pub » LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO last update on 04.10.2019 Literary cafe » Ristorante Orlando last update on 02.10.2019 Refreshments in Tuscan cuisine and shop for good sandwiches and more » Strizzi Garden last update on 02.10.2019 Cocktail bar & events » Tasso Hostel last update on 02.10.2019 Hostel, lounge bars, live music, cocktail bar, cocktail » Il Contro last update on 02.10.2019 Club acsi that offers music, especially live » Wallace Pub - Prato last update on 30.09.2019 Pubs in Prato » Flò Lounge Bar last update on 28.09.2019 Local summer overlooking Florence » Limonaia di Villa Strozzi last update on 28.09.2019 Event Space in Florence » Moyo last update on 28.09.2019 Aperitif / Dinner / DJset / » CPA last update on 27.09.2019 popular self-managed center » The Joshua Tree Pub last update on 27.09.2019 Pub Brewery in Santa Maria Novella » Eataly Enoteca last update on 25.09.2019 Eat, shop, study » Ditta Artigianale last update on 23.09.2019 Coffee bars and Gin Bar » ARTISTI DEL BORGO (Chiodo Fisso) last update on 22.09.2019 Wine Guitar Club » La Ménagère last update on 21.09.2019 Concept-restaurant in Florence » BUCA 10 last update on 20.09.2019 Wine-Bar and Space Event » VILLA VITTORIA Firenze last update on 20.09.2019 VILLA VITTORIA - FLORENCE » Blanco Beach Club last update on 20.09.2019 Beach Beach Bar » The Blob Club last update on 20.09.2019 Music - Cocktail » Lorenzo de' Medici last update on 20.09.2019 Diving into Renaissance » VILLA Nel Giardino di Zago last update on 19.09.2019 MANGANARA FLORENCE » Garibaldi Blu last update on 18.09.2019 GARIBALDI BLU BAR »
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