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OSTERIA DEI BARONCELLI last update on 24.10.2020 Eating Well In City Heart » Teatro delle arti di Lastra a Signa last update on 15.10.2020 Music Theatre Cinema » Teatro Comunale di Antella last update on 15.10.2020 Antella Municipal Theatre, direction Archetype » ristorante La Maremma di Firenze last update on 02.02.2020 restaurant in the center of Florence, near the Green Theatre in the holy cross. specialties: steak » Il Rifrullo last update on 29.10.2019 The first American bar in Florence » kitsch last update on 25.07.2018 The best appetizer of Florence! » Ristorante Borgo San Jacopo last update on 17.07.2018 exclusive restaurant overlooking the Ponte Vecchio » La Bottega del Buon Caffè last update on 01.03.2018 Michellin star restaurant of Tuscan tradition » Winter Garden by Caino last update on 14.02.2018 A Michelin star experience in the heart of Florence » Penelope Contemporary Food last update on 02.02.2018 A Journey in Taste, a discovery of flavors, an Odyssey of Emotions » Il Colle è - ristorante a Barberino last update on 13.12.2017 Tuscan restaurant and food market » Ora d'Aria last update on 21.05.2017 Starred Restaurant » Il Palagio last update on 21.05.2017 Restaurant Stellato » La leggenda dei frati last update on 21.05.2017 Starred Restaurant » Ristorante La Torre last update on 21.05.2017 Michelin starred Restaurant »
Ristorante Il Santo Graal last update on 08.03.2016 Tradition and Innovation » Trattoria Angiolino last update on 20.02.2016 Trattoria with typical Tuscan country home cooking » Ristorante il Guscio last update on 20.02.2016 traditional Tuscan restaurant » Touch Florence last update on 20.02.2016 The dining in Florence changes face ... » Rarità Bistrot last update on 20.11.2020 Who does not know the rare? :) » Circolo Aurora last update on 17.11.2020 Sports association & events » RISTORANTE SANTA ELISABETTA last update on 10.11.2020 Restaurant located on the 1st floor of the Tower Pagliazza, intimate and charming atmosphere » Il Battibecco Ristorante Impruneta last update on 04.11.2020 Tuscany and Veneto, two lands of true flavors, meet in the kitchen of Il Battibecco » Teatro Del Sale last update on 01.11.2020 good taste Theatre » La Limonaia last update on 28.10.2020 The Limonaia di Villa Strozzi is a multipurpose space in the heart of Florence. » Teatro Comunale Antella last update on 28.10.2020 artistic direction of Riccardo Massai » Dome last update on 25.10.2020 Dome is the local brand new aperitif in the historic center of Florence » TERRAZZA MARTINI COCKTAIL FIRENZE last update on 25.10.2020 Dinners and aperitifs with DJ set, open from Thursday to Saturday, adjacent to the nightclub Otel » Ristorante Orlando last update on 22.10.2020 Refreshments in Tuscan cuisine and shop for good sandwiches and more » Dogana Wine Bar last update on 22.10.2020 Wine Bar Bistrot, for aperitifs, cutting boards, dining, drinking, chatting » OFFICINA GIOVANI PRATO last update on 22.10.2020 cultural center » BuenosAiresTango CLUB last update on 21.10.2020 Theatre Hall of the Club Progress » Roses Ristorante last update on 20.10.2020 Restaurant with excellent Italian cuisine and wines. Friendly atmosphere for lunch, dinner, drink. » LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO last update on 20.10.2020 Literary cafe » B-ROOF last update on 16.10.2020 Exclusive location for dinners and events in the center of Florence » Circolo Arci Il Progresso last update on 15.10.2020 bars, concerts / theater room » Enoteca SeiDivino! Ognissanti last update on 14.10.2020 Wine & Cocktail and much more .... » Napul'è last update on 14.10.2020 Partenopeo food and wine meeting at the gates of Florence » Surf Ventura last update on 14.10.2020 Who has never been to the Surf Ventura? Who has never tried at least? » Teatro della Limonaia last update on 13.10.2020 Contemporary, national and international drama theater » Limonaia di Villa Strozzi last update on 12.10.2020 Event Space in Florence » Teatrodante Carlo Monni - Campi Bzio last update on 10.10.2020 theater » Circolo ARCI Dino Manetti last update on 08.10.2020 ARCI Club, at the center of the community of San Piero a Ponti, Campi Bisenzio » Teatro La Fonte last update on 08.10.2020 2015-2016 season hosts the exhibition of the International Theatre Center JOURNEY THROUGH TIME » Eataly Enoteca last update on 06.10.2020 Eat, shop, study » Buenos Aires Tango last update on 05.10.2020 Lessons with the dancer and choreographer Graciela Rostom Argentine Tango Milonga and Va » Pantarei last update on 01.10.2020 pubs, beer, cocktails, restaurant. » CPA last update on 30.09.2020 popular self-managed center » Otel Varietè Firenze last update on 30.09.2020 ... There's a reason! » VIRGIN ROCK PUB FIRENZE last update on 29.09.2020 Videos and music hard rock with live shows in the week-end.Panini and delicious platters late into the night. »
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New Year's Eve Dinner 2021 at the Osteria Dei Baroncelli in Florence In the historic city center you can taste the best dishes of Tuscan and Italian cuisine prepared with care and passion by our talented chef Costantino. All products are fresh, not precooked and rigorously prepared in our kitchens ... 350 places in the heart of the city! go»