Places in Florence and surroundings

Circolo Aurora last update on 18.04.2019 Sports association & events » The Alchemist Club (Empoli) last update on 18.04.2019 Scottish Singing Pub » Circolo Arci Il Progresso last update on 17.04.2019 bars, concerts / theater room » FULL UP last update on 17.04.2019 house glamor clubs » Strizzi Garden last update on 17.04.2019 Cocktail bar & events » LE MURATE CAFFE' LETTERARIO last update on 17.04.2019 Literary cafe » Cirkoloco last update on 17.04.2019 Crazy stuff! A social experiment » Bamboo Lounge Club last update on 17.04.2019 The new must Florentine night. Drink and VIP room by appointment, DJ sets, theme nights. » ONE EYED JACK last update on 17.04.2019 Rock Bar » Prato City last update on 17.04.2019 Cocktail bar at 360 degrees » Tasso Hostel last update on 17.04.2019 Hostel, lounge bars, live music, cocktail bar, cocktail » Flò Lounge Bar last update on 17.04.2019 Local summer overlooking Florence » GLUE last update on 15.04.2019 Alternative Concept Space » RUBACONTE RISTORANTE PIZZERIA last update on 15.04.2019 Tuscan cuisine and pizzeria » TREND CAFFE' last update on 15.04.2019 American Bar Pub in the historic district of Campo di Marte »
il Genio Italiano last update on 10.04.2019 osteria-pizzeria-wine bar-art café-pub » OFFICINA GIOVANI PRATO last update on 10.04.2019 cultural center » Enotria last update on 09.04.2019 Winebar Ristorante Enoteca » B-ROOF last update on 08.04.2019 Exclusive location for dinners and events in the center of Florence » PLAZ last update on 06.04.2019 Cocktail Bar, Restaurant, Crepes, Pizza, Sky TV » St Marks English Church last update on 06.04.2019 Cultural Association of St Mark's Church Inglese Florence » La Citè last update on 06.04.2019 Cafè library » Teatrodante Carlo Monni - Campi Bzio last update on 06.04.2019 theater » Teatro Verdi last update on 05.04.2019 Theatre of the early '900 in the historic center » Cartabianca Club last update on 03.04.2019 Cartabianca Club Restaurant Pizzeria Pastry » Rex Café last update on 02.04.2019 american bar » Galleria ZetaEffe last update on 02.04.2019 Contemporary art » Wallace Pub - Prato last update on 02.04.2019 Pubs in Prato » Caffè degli artigiani last update on 02.04.2019 Bars with live music » Teatro Lumiere last update on 02.04.2019 Theatre in Gavinana area of ​​Florence » Le Palace - Prato last update on 01.04.2019 Multifunctional and metamorphic space adaptable to events and projects defined or to be developed » LA TANA DI UGO last update on 30.03.2019 Typical Tuscan cuisine » Winter Suite last update on 29.03.2019 Winter Suite, new local south Florence, for an adult audience. Aperitif, dinner, disco! » Teatro di Cestello last update on 27.03.2019 theater » BAMBOO Lounge & Club last update on 27.03.2019 Lounge & elegant and exclusive club in Old Town » YAB DiscoClub last update on 26.03.2019 Disco Restaurant » Volume last update on 26.03.2019 Coffee Library Museum » Teatro Cantiere Florida last update on 26.03.2019 experimental theater » Cartabianca Cafè last update on 22.03.2019 Cartabianca Cafè bar pastry lounge bar » PINOCCHIO JAZZ LIVE last update on 20.03.2019 Jazz Club » Buenos Aires Tango last update on 13.03.2019 Lessons with the dancer and choreographer Graciela Rostom Argentine Tango Milonga and Va » BuenosAiresTango CLUB last update on 13.03.2019 Theatre Hall of the Club Progress » Il Salottino de La Loggetta last update on 10.03.2019 Concertini space inside the Circolo Arci La Loggetta » CAFE DE PARIS last update on 10.03.2019 cocktail bar » Ditta Artigianale last update on 08.03.2019 Coffee bars and Gin Bar » IREOS comunità queer autogestita last update on 08.03.2019 IREOS is a LGBTQI * voluntary association » Viper Theatre Firenze last update on 03.03.2019 Local that hosts various types of events, concerts and parties. » CPA last update on 28.02.2019 popular self-managed center » LED - Il Boschetto d'Estate last update on 26.02.2019 Aperitif - Live Concert - Theme events » BEER SPOT Firenze last update on 13.02.2019 BEER - FOOD - SPORT ON TV - DARTS »
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