Places in Florence and surroundings

TOWER BAR - Torre della Pagliazza last update on 03.12.2018 lounge Bar » Biancorosso last update on 29.11.2018 Restaurant Italo-Japanese » RAMEN JINSEI Japanese Restaurant last update on 27.11.2018 Traditional Japanese Ramen » Hotel Balestri last update on 27.11.2018 Caffè Balestri » Garibaldi Blu last update on 27.11.2018 GARIBALDI BLU BAR » Ristorante Mulino a vento last update on 23.11.2018 The Restaurant "Windmill", an integral part of Lavacchio Farm. outside Florence » Osteria Battipalla last update on 22.11.2018 tuscan home cooking » L'Orologio Firenze last update on 19.11.2018 L'O Bar, the elegant cocktail bar of the Hotel L'Orologio Firenze » Ikebana last update on 13.11.2018 Discoteca of the Mugello » Namaste beer point last update on 11.11.2018 Namaste is the new beer point in the heart of Florence beers on tap and in bottles » The Arts Inn last update on 10.11.2018 Art gallery & wine-gin-cocktail bar » OSTERIA DEI BARONCELLI last update on 08.11.2018 Eating Well In City Heart » IL POZZO DEI DESIDERI last update on 02.11.2018 Association » Exfila last update on 02.11.2018 club » Blue Velvet last update on 01.11.2018 Disco Club »
The Blob Club last update on 30.10.2018 Music - Cocktail » Baraka Cafè last update on 30.10.2018 Café bars, quick lunches, music lounge cocktail bar » THE HIDDEN PUB last update on 30.10.2018 SKY football matches, free wifi, live music, indoor hall » Murales Bistro' last update on 30.10.2018 Urban chic restaurant in Florence city center, few steps from Bargello. We're a gourmet restaurant. » Pink Club last update on 30.10.2018 Breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, disco, buffet dinners » Moyo last update on 29.10.2018 Aperitif / Dinner / DJset / » Eataly Enoteca last update on 27.10.2018 Eat, shop, study » Caffè Concerto Paszkowski last update on 27.10.2018 Historic café in Florence, with live music and artistic events » CARAVANSERRAGLIO last update on 23.10.2018 restaurant, pizzeria, bar » Antico Spedale del Bigallo last update on 23.10.2018 musical and cultural events on the florence hills » Naif Disco last update on 19.10.2018 Discotheque in Prato » Ozne - Prato last update on 19.10.2018 Pub » Da Burde last update on 19.10.2018 Tuscan trattoria with wine cellar and wine shop with sommelier » VIRGIN ROCK PUB FIRENZE last update on 19.10.2018 Videos and music hard rock with live shows in the week-end.Panini and delicious platters late into the night. » Fusion Bar - Gallery e Continentale Hotels last update on 18.10.2018 Luxury in the heart of Florence » La Baita di Stefano & Stefania last update on 18.10.2018 The young restaurant .... out of town !! » Teatro Reims last update on 13.10.2018 Theatre in Florence Historical » Easy living last update on 04.10.2018 Arno beach » Saladier Scandicci last update on 26.09.2018 Saladier - The shop of good products - Trattoria dell'ortolano » Saladier Vinci last update on 26.09.2018 Location Immersed among the olive trees and vineyards of Vinci. Ideal for events » Ristorante Quinoa last update on 26.09.2018 The first restaurant gluten in Florence » Il Portico Multisala last update on 26.09.2018 Cinema, Concert Hall » Da Tito last update on 25.09.2018 Restaurant, Pizzeria, Creperie » Giardino Dell'ArteCultura last update on 25.09.2018 live music, exhibitions, exhibitions, screenings, picnics and apericena theme! » The Joshua Tree Pub last update on 25.09.2018 Pub Brewery in Santa Maria Novella » Summer Suite last update on 24.09.2018 Local summer, apericena every night » Ristorante Orlando last update on 24.09.2018 Refreshments in Tuscan cuisine and shop for good sandwiches and more » Wood music garden last update on 22.09.2018 Wood is ... Food & Drink, Music and Art » Il Salviatino last update on 22.09.2018 The Garden of Taste » Asmana last update on 22.09.2018 spa, pool bar » Manduca Firenze last update on 21.09.2018 Show & Bistros » Check Point last update on 20.09.2018 Appetizers and Cocktail Bar Pool » OFF Bar - Lago dei Cigni last update on 19.09.2018 Local Summer at the Fortezza da Basso » Utopiko last update on 19.09.2018 summer event » Roof Machiavelli Palace last update on 19.09.2018 Aperitifs - Panoramic terrace »
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