Places in Florence and surroundings

Beer House Club last update on 14.09.2018 Artisan brewery pub » konnubio last update on 14.09.2018 Tuscan restaurant and vegan » Corno DAfrica last update on 12.09.2018 Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine restaurant » Hidron last update on 12.09.2018 Fitness Center, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Nightclub » Teatro delle Spiagge last update on 10.09.2018 Artistic Residence of Tuscany Region » Festa del Mugello last update on 02.09.2018 Summer grill, Grilled specialties and typical dishes Mugellani » Blanco Beach Club last update on 26.08.2018 Beach Beach Bar » The Lion's Fountain Irish Pub last update on 21.08.2018 One of the oldest Irish pub in Florence » Fiorino sull'Arno last update on 20.08.2018 summer clearance » Naima last update on 18.08.2018 Pubs, Cocktails and Finger Food » Forte di Belvedere last update on 13.08.2018 museum space with café bar every day from 18.30 performs aperitif and theme nights. » Suite Imperiale last update on 12.08.2018 The aperitif in Florence » Parterre last update on 09.08.2018 Restaurant, Pizzeria, Griglieria, Disco Bar, Aperitif every evening in a beautiful setting » I Raddi last update on 05.08.2018 Historic tavern Fiorentina » Caffetteria delle Oblate last update on 30.07.2018 single room with the best view of the Duomo of Florence: cocktails, lunches, parties, music and culture »
KLAB FIRENZE last update on 26.07.2018 Klab Marignolle » The Fusion Bar & Restaurant last update on 26.07.2018 Cocktail bar, lounge and fusion restaurant » Teatro Romano di Fiesole last update on 26.07.2018 Arena summer » Grand Hotel Baglioni - Firenze last update on 18.07.2018 Hotel**** » Ristorante I Cinque Sensi last update on 17.07.2018 cuisine of the regions between land and sea » Manganara last update on 15.07.2018 MANGANARA FLORENCE » PONTASSIEVE last update on 06.07.2018 EVENTS » canto del ramerino last update on 04.07.2018 Restaurant / wine bar » Caffè Decò Music Hall last update on 04.07.2018 Restaurant and bar with live music » 2 Paesi in Festa last update on 28.06.2018 Festival of brioche with ice cream » Stadio del Bisenzio Signa last update on 27.06.2018 Disorder live-songwriter Stefano Del Rosso » Enoteca Le Barrique (Firenze) last update on 27.06.2018 aesthetic sense and culinary culture to enhance a relaxed and convivial » Sabor Cubano last update on 27.06.2018 Var Cubano in Florence » Glance Hotel In Florence last update on 25.06.2018 Sky Breeze Roof Top Bar » B-SIDE last update on 25.06.2018 From aperitif until late at night » Caffe.Desiderio last update on 22.06.2018 wine bar bistro, paper selection of strictly artisan wines and beers » ZUSHi Firenze last update on 19.06.2018 Sushi restaurant in Florence » INTERNET POINT FIRENZE ((IMPATTO point)) last update on 16.06.2018 IMPATTO POINT VIA MARTIRI DEL POPOLO 44R FIRENZE » NEM - Nuovi Eventi Musicali last update on 13.06.2018 Organization and production of cultural events Florence » GIUBBE ROSSE last update on 13.06.2018 Historical Literary Coffee » Arena dentro le mura last update on 11.06.2018 The arena inside the walls is an outdoor amphitheater that hosts summer events » Villa Caruso Bellosguardo last update on 08.06.2018 The historic Villa Caruso is the ideal place for art, music and concerts. » Off The Hook last update on 08.06.2018 Beer & Food » Teatro Nuovo Sentiero last update on 07.06.2018 theater » IL VECCHIO E IL MARE last update on 03.06.2018 Restaurant-pizzeria of the land and sea » Il cestello ristoclub last update on 31.05.2018 Restaurant and club » piazza del vino last update on 31.05.2018 Restaurant in Florence » M.C.L. "Il Gorinello" last update on 30.05.2018 Bar-theater-meeting » NEGRONI last update on 21.05.2018 cocktail bar » Contrade Sancascianesi last update on 14.05.2018 Contrada San Casciano in Val di Pesa » Rivalta Cafe last update on 13.05.2018 Restaurant, nightclub » Quelo Bar last update on 13.05.2018 Bars and more ... » Interno 27 Ristorante Pizzeria last update on 13.05.2018 Pizzeria with seafood and meat » Officina68 last update on 11.05.2018 Typical Tuscan cooking restaurant CARNE and FISH. » Crisco Club last update on 10.05.2018 Gay Disco Cruising Bar »
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