Places in Florence and surroundings

Cartabianca Club last update on 03.04.2019 Cartabianca Club Restaurant Pizzeria Pastry » Galleria ZetaEffe last update on 02.04.2019 Contemporary art » Caffè degli artigiani last update on 02.04.2019 Bars with live music » Teatro Cantiere Florida last update on 26.03.2019 experimental theater » IREOS comunità queer autogestita last update on 08.03.2019 IREOS is a LGBTQI * voluntary association » BEER SPOT Firenze last update on 13.02.2019 BEER - FOOD - SPORT ON TV - DARTS » Just Disco last update on 28.01.2019 Just » Mercato Centrale Firenze last update on 26.01.2019 The comfortable streetfood from 10:00 to 00:01 » OLIANDOLO CAFFE' RISTORO last update on 19.01.2019 Cafè Restaurant Wine Bar » Salerosa Bistrò last update on 18.01.2019 Seafood restaurant » Tasso Hostel Florence last update on 13.01.2019 Hostel with an eclectic personality » EXENZIA ROCK CLUB (Prato) last update on 05.01.2019 Club dedicated to alternative music: rock electro gothic metal » CinemAnemico last update on 04.01.2019 Review of very visible film » LO SCANTINATO last update on 02.01.2019 theater off » La Loggia last update on 31.12.2018 historic restaurant »
La Prosciutteria last update on 28.12.2018 Cold cuts and cheeses » DOLCEVITA last update on 28.12.2018 Lounge Bar, Fusion Restaurant, Disco bar » CHICHIBIO last update on 28.12.2018 pizzeria restaurant events » Galisia Club last update on 28.12.2018 Galisia Club Discoteque » Teatro Obihall last update on 27.12.2018 Theater that hosts concerts and shows of all kinds » Circolo Enrico Rigacci last update on 27.12.2018 cultural social club Arci » Kitsch 2 last update on 26.12.2018 Pubs Bistrot Winebar American Bar » ODEON BISTRO last update on 24.12.2018 cocktail bar » The Michael Collins last update on 24.12.2018 Pub » Calistro Bistrot last update on 23.12.2018 Casentino Bistrot » Auditorium Al Duomo last update on 21.12.2018 Convention center with the Cathedral Auditorium and Meeting Rooms » LA CARABACCIA - Ristorante Pizzeria Trattoria last update on 18.12.2018 Tuscan trattoria » Tamerò last update on 18.12.2018 pasta Bar » Teatro lo Scantinato last update on 10.12.2018 theater » braumeister last update on 10.12.2018 restaurant-German brewery » FINISTERRAE last update on 07.12.2018 Mediterranean restaurant, Pizzeria Napoletana, Confectionery and ice cream parlor » Casprini Da Omero last update on 03.12.2018 historic restaurant on the passage of the shepherds. » RAMEN JINSEI Japanese Restaurant last update on 27.11.2018 Traditional Japanese Ramen » Hotel Balestri last update on 27.11.2018 Caffè Balestri » Ristorante Mulino a vento last update on 23.11.2018 The Restaurant "Windmill", an integral part of Lavacchio Farm. outside Florence » L'Orologio Firenze last update on 19.11.2018 L'O Bar, the elegant cocktail bar of the Hotel L'Orologio Firenze » Ikebana last update on 13.11.2018 Discoteca of the Mugello » The Arts Inn last update on 10.11.2018 Art gallery & wine-gin-cocktail bar » Exfila last update on 02.11.2018 club » Blue Velvet last update on 01.11.2018 Disco Club » Baraka Cafè last update on 30.10.2018 Café bars, quick lunches, music lounge cocktail bar » THE HIDDEN PUB last update on 30.10.2018 SKY football matches, free wifi, live music, indoor hall » Murales Bistro' last update on 30.10.2018 Urban chic restaurant in Florence city center, few steps from Bargello. We're a gourmet restaurant. » CARAVANSERRAGLIO last update on 23.10.2018 restaurant, pizzeria, bar » Antico Spedale del Bigallo last update on 23.10.2018 musical and cultural events on the florence hills » Naif Disco last update on 19.10.2018 Discotheque in Prato » Ozne - Prato last update on 19.10.2018 Pub » Da Burde last update on 19.10.2018 Tuscan trattoria with wine cellar and wine shop with sommelier » Fusion Bar - Gallery e Continentale Hotels last update on 18.10.2018 Luxury in the heart of Florence » La Baita di Stefano & Stefania last update on 18.10.2018 The young restaurant .... out of town !! »
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New Year's Eve Dinner 2021 at the Osteria Dei Baroncelli in Florence In the historic city center you can taste the best dishes of Tuscan and Italian cuisine prepared with care and passion by our talented chef Costantino. All products are fresh, not precooked and rigorously prepared in our kitchens ... 350 places in the heart of the city! go»